“I have to sing the wedding scene and then I’ll be there!” … so texted Izzy in reply to my question as to whether she was available to help our newborn heifer calf start nursing from her mother Daffodil. In the morning of the spring equinox, Palm Sunday, and against a backdrop of The Sound of Music, a little heifer calf was born.

With Hero, Izzy, Saphira and Becky in attendance, she at last arrived, relieving her mother of a huge burden. It has been a long-awaited birth, with many late and middle of the night excursions to the barn – our Farm Crew have waited patiently for this moment. She is a spunky young calf – gamboling throughout the barn within 2 hours of being born, to the anxious consternation of her mother. She is at last here, ready and waiting to greet the spring and her new world. Daffodil has proven, yet again, that she is a caring and attentive mother.

Our little heifer has officially been named by our High School cowgirls — her name is Shanti.

Nicki Robb
Land Stewardship Program Director