Extended Day

Flexibility for Families

The extended day program gives children the opportunity to experience play with different age groups after a full day at school. Students are given the freedom to use this time to unwind, connect with friends, and pursue any interests they may have. Handwork, drawing, reading, and play yard games are all popular activities in the Extended Day program.

2024 - 2025 Schedule and Fees

The Extended Day Program provides care and activities for children in the Early Childhood programs through the 8th grade. Care is provided from the end of the school day through 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. This includes Fridays which are half days for students from Early Childhood through Grade 4. Healthy snacks are provided. We spend as much time outside as possible, only going inside during torrential rain or extreme cold, outdoor gear is a must!  Pick up any time before 5:30pm. Late fees apply.

Full Year Enrollment

Monday – Friday 3:15 – 5:30 $860 per day
Early Childhood Friday Afternoons 12:45 – 3:15 $970
Grades 1-4 Friday Afternoons 12:45 – 3:15 $970
  • Select any number of days.
  • Rates will not be adjusted for absences, but children may be enrolled/withdrawn at any time during the year.

Drop-in Rates


Monday-Friday 3:15-4:30 $15.50 per day
Monday-Friday 3:15-5:30 $28.00 per day
Grades 1-4 Friday afternoons 12:45-3:15 $30.00 per day
  • Drop-in is available only if there is space.
  • Payment is due on or before the day of care.
  • Drop-in is not available for Early Childhood Friday afternoons.


Shane Kerr, Extended Day Program Director

For drop-in availability:
Main Office, Vesna Vasovic

For long term enrollment:
Business Office, Diane LaBarge
413-586-1908, ext. 104

To Enroll

  1. Sign up with the Business Office for set days of the week. Families can download the form from the Family Resources Page
  2. Drop-in space can be arranged through the main office.
shane kerr

Shane Kerr

Extended Day Director
rami baglio

Rami Baglio

Extended Day
Tahlia "Tai" Mclelland

Tahlia “Tai” Mclelland

Early Risers Assistant Teacher
angelica radke

Angelica Radke

EC Co-Leader Extended Day
Extended Day
Extended Day
Extended Day
Extended Day