Student Support Department

Meeting the Needs of All Students

We recognize that there are many ways to be a human being and that each of these ways is valid and honored here at Hartsbrook. Each child brings a full tapestry of characteristics that allow them to easily grasp some challenges in life while perhaps finding others to be more difficult to overcome. Some of these challenges are academic, but increasingly we see that there are other things for which a growing human being needs support. These may include anxiety, depression, trauma, gender identity, social emotional development, systemic racism, physical illness, injury, allergy, the need for an increased experiential program, to name a few.

The Student Support Department serves students from early childhood through grade 12 and includes the school nurse, the school counselor, a part-time administrative assistant, and two Student Support Coordinators. The Student Support Department provides classroom observation and faculty support including Child and Adolescent Study, Individual Support Teams, coordination of developmental and academic evaluations, oversight of learning support, mental health referrals, coordination of professional development opportunities, oversight of general health and medications.

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Serving Early Childhood through Grade 6:
Elyce Perico,  (413) 586-1908, ext. 126 or 

Genilson DoCarmo,

Serving Grade 7 through High School:
Tyler Young, (413) 586-1908, ext.106 or

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