Family Association

The Hartsbrook Family Association is a hub of connection and collaboration. We primarily connect parents with one another so we can share resources and support one another, which in turn allows Hartsbrook families to collaborate in our community — with teachers, administration, board, and the students.

Our Vision

The Family Association is on a mission to create cohesion in our community at all levels:

  • with parents, to increase our connections so we can help each other when challenges arise
  • with teachers, to support their ability to give our children the very best
  • with staff, to let their gifts shine to create a truly extraordinary environment
  • for our children, around whom this entire community shapes its hearts and actions!

Our Role in the Community

  • Connecting parents and guardians with each other and the school to answer questions and support community life
  • Coordinating the new parent orientation and buddy program 
  • Orchestrating seasonal fairs and family fun activities (some examples below) 
  • Hosting parent connection and dialogue events
  • Organizing clothing swaps and bulk orders to meet families’ needs

Structure: Each class has ambassadors — parents who work with their teacher and with ambassadors across the other grades. Family Association Coordinator(s) support the class ambassadors and serve as point of contact for Family Association with school leadership. 

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The FTA sponsors and supports...

Crafting gatherings bring our community together. We may be learning a new craft, supporting a festival or working on a group project such as items to raffle. Join in!

Come together for performances by our community. A great family night!

Meditation helps us be less reactive and more thoughtful in our responses. How might our parents and community benefit?

Beat the cold and join together for an evening of a shared meal, contra dancing with a local caller, live music and great food!

A gorgeous river for swimming, bike trails, and a huge bonfire. Children and families to mix, mingle, and roam!