Celebrating Our Alum

Friends From Near and Far

Hartsbrook Reunions

Alum Homecoming & Reunion (June 7-8, 2024)

Save the date!

It’s a Hartsbrook tradition that alums come back to campus for a lively match against the current Varsity Ultimate team! Who will win this year? Join the enthusiastic spectators for this exciting annual match-up, followed by a Homecoming BBQ, and Graduation and Reunion activities the following day.

Hartsbrook Reunions

We have had Hartsbrook Reunions at Hartsbrook, In New York City and in California.  We are eager to help you with reunions at Hartsbrook or smaller ones across the country.  What if we held mini Hartsbrook reunions on the Harvest Festival or May Festival, and then shared news and images with fellow alumni!

Alum are also invited to attend our fall Farm-to-Table event with a special price for groups who put an alum table together!

Jan Kees Saltet with former students Gabe Vaughan '93 (8th) and Nate Sustick '93 (8th) who surprised Jan Kees and his wife Polly as the Hartsbrook community celebrated the Saltets' retirement.

Need Event Planning Help?

Would you like some help hosting an alum event in your region or for your class?
Many alum are emailing us to ask about such events.  Please contact us at development@hartsbrook.org.

Hartsbrook Alum Community (HAC)

Welcome to the brand new Hartsbrook Alum Community (HAC), an initiative to create an active, vibrant Hartsbrook alum network!

We strive to:

  • Form an online community to support and aid each other as we grow forward in our separate lives
  • Establish networking connections, from job opportunities, career advice, and invitations to events to housing requests
  • Reconnect periodically, with the purpose of catching up and reminding us that there are others like us, with a similar upbringing, that care about each other
  • Construct a solid base for this community to create something really special for future generations to come

To become a member of this closed group, click here.