Last week the fourth grade put on four performances of the play, The Theft of Thor’s Hammer. Here you will find direct quotes from Thor and two giants about their experience.

Giant: “I can’t believe how Freya killed us four times and we’re still alive! I thought something didn’t seem right when she began to gulp down three barrels of mead. When her veil came off and I saw that bristling, red beard, I knew there was trouble.”

Thrym: “Freya’s glance did my heart pierce, until my sister placed Mjolnir the Hammer into her lap. Freya then became Thor and from there I remember no more. Never again will those Gods outsmart Thrym, the ruler of Thrymheim!”

Thor: “If you ask me, those giants are just ding-dongs. I mean seriously! While Thrym, that clodhopper, was strutting around, all the gods shamed me by dressing me up as Freya! What I call progress is teaching those Jotuns a lesson!”

Jeff Kalman
Fourth Grade Class Teacher