Topics studied in this 12 grade Main Lesson block were human perception, color, geometrical optics, atomic spectra and thermal spectra, and an introduction to nuclear physics, quantum physics and special relativity. Each student researched an individual topic, presented to the class their research findings from three sources, and prepared a final project from their topic. Students electing the honors option were required to use peer-reviewed journal articles for their sources.

Student topics included:

Alex ~ Comparison between an electrical semiconducting transistor and an optical transistor, the basic building block for computation operations done by light rather than electricity.

Jing ~ Drawings from a radiation treatment plan developed by a dosimetrist targeting a mass in the lungs.

Hero ~ A comparison between traditional silicon solar cells and organic molecule solar cells.

Sylvana ~ a graph of the circadian rhythms of melatonin and cortisol in a human over the course of two days

Harrison ~ A painting simulating a rainbow of color using only red, green, and blue paint, to reproduce the effect of RGB LED displays such as on our smartphones.  Best viewed at a distance or squinting to see all the colors of the rainbow!

Anico ~ A pair of paintings representing the same scene as seen by someone with typical tri-chromatic vision, and someone with red-green colorblindness.

Lila ~ Explored the differences and similarities between the human eye and a camera, using her own photography to illustrate this.