By Nicki Robb, Farm Camp Co-Director

April Farm Camp offers a wonderful opportunity for children to experience Spring’s arrival on the Farm. The earth is awakening, seeds are sown, the earth begins to spring green and the arrival of baby animals provide glorious moments for our campers to experience Nature coming into her full glory.

During April Farm Camp we tend the animals each morning and afternoon, feeding and watering, grooming and caring for them all, big and small. We learn how to turn virgin wool, sheared from our sheep, into yarn that can be woven or felted; grains are milled and baked into bread in our cob oven; cream is churned into butter and milk from Daffodil our Jersey cow turned into cheese. A hike down to the stream ends in story time in the cow barn.

Such moments help children “feel” themselves into the richness of life on a farm and the natural world, and in turn the rhythm of the seasons.  Such experiences are made all the more special through each camper’s work with the livestock, tending the seedlings and experiencing in so many different ways how spring unfolds on the farm.

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