From Our Chairs 4/1/20It is clear that Spring is here.

The days are longer, there is more green to be seen every day, and by the sounds they make, the birds seem very happy! It is reassuring that nature is so reliable and resilient and definitely a daily tonic to be outside every day!

Meanwhile, along with millions of people, we are wrestling with what it means each day to be the most supportive of our community and neighbors by keeping our distance. There are many real and serious challenges that we are beginning to weather in our families. We hope that we also can find ways to notice the blessings that we have as well.


From Our Chairs 4/1/20
Since much of our work develops through direct relationships in a classroom, we are, along with all educators, navigating the benefits and drawbacks that are involved when we have to work less directly. We will continue to shape the program to provide structure and diverse learning opportunities in ways that are sustainable for everyone. We deeply value the working relationships we have with our students and families and know how much you are doing to balance family, work and school commitments.


For now, remember to have fresh air every day, study the greening, and listen to the birds. Nature is so kind, helpful and generous with its presence. Its kindness is healing, especially when we find ourselves too entangled in the web that has been woven.


Please keep checking our Hartsbrook at Home portal, for updates and resources such as:
  • “Leaning on the Gate” a blog about spring on the farm
  • A calendar of our live support events from meditation to parent meetings
  • Tips, resources, learning tools as provided by our families and faculty
  • Links to docs that may have been lost in your email!
In community,
Frances Cameron, Administrative Chair
Virginia McWilliam, Pedagogical Chair