On a cool dusky evening in the quiet of the goat barn – Hope found a corner and let us know that she was about to give birth. Of course, Penelope and Nome our donkeys already knew her secret and were curiously peeking over like midwives at the ready. With little fanfare or upset, a small brown headed male goat appeared and she was quick to clean him off – then started the beautiful calling back and forth between mamma and newborn. It is hard to describe but unique to the world of herd animals, a rhythmical back and forth of cooing and calling, helping connect the newborn to its mother, and the only time you will hear animals call in this way. Shortly thereafter came his sister – almost all white except for a few dark patches. Hope showed us yet again what makes her such a great mother doe – thorough in cleaning off her newborns and patient as they learn how to attach and start nursing. Within just an hour, they were both nursing up a storm – nourished by her warm rich milk.

The 4th Grade would normally have an opportunity to visit with Hope and her twins and arrive at names for these newborns – but these are not normal times. So – with videos and the help of a live streaming camera, they can enjoy watching them as they go about their little goat lives – jumping off anything they can find and collapsing in the corner together in tired sleep. All the while, Hope stands at the ready – and the herd and donkey midwives look on. 

Nicki Robb