As the culminating event of our first history block, the eighth grade recently traveled to the east coast of Massachusetts.  The day was spent touring Plimoth Plantation, where we dined like pilgrims before heading to our campsite for the evening.  The next morning was spent walking the Freedom Trail in Boston.

8th Grade History Trip

The students deeply appreciated experiencing colonial and Revolutionary times in such a submersive way, as evidenced by these reflections:

Jemalexi: “Previously, I knew life for the colonists was difficult, but I didn’t know how difficult it really was.  Being at Plimoth Plantation really felt like being back in the colonial times.

Kaden: “What impressed me most was that everyone [Wampanoags] knew how to use the plants and herbs to heal and cure illnesses and wounds.”

Cody: “The architecture was very interesting in colonial times because buildings were made mostly out of wood.  Many did not have floors other than dirt.  Builders used axes or handsaws to cut everything.  For roofs, the Pilgrims used straw, not shingles.  In the 1600s the building materials and tools were a lot different than what we use today.”

Lila: “What I liked about the Freedom Trail was being able to walk down the street knowing that Paul Revere walked here, or ‘My Country Tis of Thee’ was sung here for the first time.”