You may have seen us carding wool, crocheting or weaving geometric patterns in the lobby of Hartsbrook Hall. Or maybe you noticed the great big posters that adorned the windows and walls. If you haven’t seen the beautiful stained glass window created by the eighth graders, next time you are in the play yard between Hartsbrook Hall and Piening Hall, look up to the windows on the front corner of Hartsbrook Hall.

This window is the culmination of a week’s intensive work with geometry and stained glass led by Hans and Marcy Schepker. Hans is an incredible stained glass artist and mathematician and Marcy an incredible fiber artist. Students were challenged to think and imagine shapes and spaces in multi-dimensions and then to come up with an algorithm to calculate the area of the space. They learned to make practical application of geometric concepts.

Eighth Graders said it was the best week of school ever!

Anne Haendiges
Eighth Grade Class Teacher