Early Childhood

Our four early childhood kindergartens have been so very busy each day: playing, helping, creating, walking and exploring! They are also the least deterred by any wet or cold weather, and always ready to walk to the stream or bridge or fields. Water, sand, dirt, yarn, corn, puppets, paint… their world is filled with lovely sensory experiences, fun and social learning with friends, as well as meaningful practical ‘work

Elementary School

When not under their canopies working on academics, Grades 1-8 can be found spread far and wide over the campus: animal chores in the morning and afternoon, music and practical arts classes nearby Hartsbrook Hall, and also time devoted to outside walks, athletic games and land stewardship activities.

High School

From Field Ecology/Botany, Anatomy, and Inorganic Chemistry to study of the Transcendentalists, stone carving, clay sculpture or building animal shelters… the fall lesson blocks have kept the high school students deeply involved academically, artistically, physically and emotionally. Hands-on experiential learning is proven to develop critical thinking skills, and to better prepare students for real world challenges.