By Leila Tunnell |  Farm Camp Co-Director

It is an honor and a joy to be returning for a third year to the Hartsbrook Farm Camp. Our team of kind, energetic and compassionate counselors, our wonderful campers and the natural beauty of the Hartsbrook farm and campus all serve to make Farm Camp a truly magical place.

A Day at Farm Camp

A typical day at Farm Camp looks like this:

  • We welcome our campers with circle songs and games
  • Daily farmers’ meeting in which children learn about the tasks involved in the tending and care of our livestock.
  • Campers work with counselors to feed, water, groom and care for our farm animals, big and small; the donkeys, sheep, goats, chickens, pigs, cows and our bunny rabbit, Lulu!
  • Snack break!
  • Weekly craft activity. Campers might dye and spin wool from our sheep, make hand salve or herbal teas, make and dye their own paper, harvest herbs from around the garden to make herbed butter or farmer’s cheese with milk and cream from Daffodil, our jersey cow, or grind grain to bake bread in the cobb oven.
  • Lunch together outdoors in the shade
  • Free play outside
  • Into the cool indoors for some rest and story time
  • In the afternoon, campers can cool off in the paddling pool or on the slip and slide or work with the animals again in the completion of afternoon animal chores.

We end our days tired and happy, having worked hard and played hard and feeling the joy and wonder of the natural world!

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