The 9th grade Intensive Week in Art History was a full experience with many day trips to museums where we viewed a variety of works of art. We began the week with an exploration of the Ancient Egyptian collection at the MFA in Boston. The students wrote detailed descriptions and made sketches of a chosen work. They were amazed at the beauty and fine quality of craftsmanship displayed in these ancient artifacts. We also had a chance to briefly look at the American and European wings, before heading home.

On Tuesday we went to the Clark Institute, where students wrote a poem inspired by a work of art of their choosing. They also made a sketch of the same. We finished off the day by breaking into pairs and acting as museum guides for the rest of the class. This activity encouraged the students to look at the art closely, and formulate their own thoughts, rather than rely on the plaque on the wall.

On Thursday we went to the Storm King art center, where a docent pointed out several important works of art in the park. We all regretted that there wasn’t more time to explore the entire park, with its plethora of imposing, metal sculptures.

On the last day of our Intensive, the 9th grade stayed on campus, where we had main lesson, and then added more animals to the prehistoric cave drawings at the back of Piening Hall. We finished up with a festive cookout and reflections on the week.