6th-cape-cod-camping-7In mid-September the Sixth Grade took their traditional trip to Cape Cod, camping at the Wellfleet Audubon Sanctuary.  We rode bikes on a path to the ocean, explored the animal and plant life with a guided walk at the sanctuary and a sea cruise, and capped things off with a bonfire on the beach.  The diversity of habitats and creatures was astounding and there was significant time and space to observe and reflect.  In the words of student Isabel, “I got to capture each moment and now I can think about and hold the memory forever.  The feeling when you see something HUGE and AMAZING, like the ocean sunfish, left me bursting with excitement!”  Indeed, the natural curiosity and sense of wonder of Sixth graders was satisfied!  The trip also offered a tremendous opportunity for the class to explore each other and bond in deeper ways early in the year.