The Eleventh Grade Intensive took place at the Triform, a residential Camp Hill community for special needs young adults located in a rural area outside Hudson, NY. Our students worked alongside their students in workshops, in the gardens and fields, on the farm, and in general grounds keeping. This Intensive at Triform is the perfect accompaniment to the Parzival block, which explores a young knight’s traveling the inward path to realization of a greater human self, and how that frees up one’s capacity to have compassion for others. Our trip this year closed with an epic basketball game with many members of the community.

11th Grade Intensive ~ Triform Community Visit


On our first day of workshops at Triform, I worked in the dairy barn grooming and working with the cows. I was able to spend time with a very social and sweet young woman who was prone to epileptic seizures. I was struck at how comfortable she was with the cows and how we were able to keep up a steady and interesting conversation for close to three hours. ~Marina

In the pottery workshop there was a guy named Will G. He was funny and we really had to make sure we called him Will G. because of Will in our class. ~Grace

Even though Brandon (a young adult at Triform) was hard to understand, I could feel his love for everyone. ~Ben

Triform was a heartwarming experience that deeply touched me. While doing the workshops, I made many bonds with the students. There was a real feeling of love and community. ~Mila

I was very impressed by the feeling of kindness here. ~Parker

I felt the connection between students and co-workers was amazing. I was truly touched. ~Sophia

I had some of the most honest, funny, and engaged experiences that I can remember while interacting with the students at Triform. ~Robyn

The overall experience was amazing and fun. I was able to enjoy the company of most of those around me, therefore having a wonderful time, even though the work was hard. ~Jordan

My visit to Triform was a life-changing experience that I will never forget. The feelings I have toward these people we met is nothing other than compassion and gratitude.  ~Iris

My experience at Triform gave me a desire to be involved with more community service. ~Willow