Senior Projects 2018The Senior Project represents an area of particular interest and intense study for each senior. The ability to focus on an interest long enough for it to become a new talent, skill, product or form of self expression is a remarkable capacity that a Waldorf high school education helps to craft.




Please Join us for Senior Project Presentations

Wednesday 4/11 6pm–9pm Piening Hall

Anico — organizing and performing an opera recital accompanied with lecture segments about each opera from which the arias were drawn

Lila — creating a book using artistic photography and photojournalism to examine human relationships to the land

Annabelle — embarking on the writing of a novella

Fynn — creating a video game inspired by Dungeons and Dragons

Alex — creating a short film about the development and ethics of artificial intelligence

Henry — pursuing a study of chickens, building a coop, and hatching chicks

Thursday 4/12 6pm–9pm Piening Hall

Alena — arranging a series of fiddle tunes for cello and violin

Caleb — writing code in Python to analyze how chaotic a particle’s state is by simulating it from two different starting states and using linear algebra to calculate how quickly the states diverge

Sylvana — learning wilderness skills, and planning and executing several expeditions

Jing — pursuing research at a Hampshire College lab into a rare condition with no treatment yet that affects her own leg at a cellular level

Hero  — interviewing local farmers over the course of ten months and turning their stories into a play which was performed in a formal reading

Harrison — composing, performing and recording an experimental music album