Life in the Forest Kindergarten is full of the sounds and smells of Spring. The purposeful vitality of the children is matched only by the sap rising in the trees and the birdsong filling the branches. In the Forest we experience each season with the whole of our being. Now that the sun has warmed and softened the earth, and the rain has filled the brook, we are busy again in Mother Nature’s kitchen. In addition to mud pies, hearty soups and herbal teas, we boiled up the sap from our own trees with the firewood we found and prepared. It has been a deeply satisfying experience to follow the process through from tapping to boiling. Soon the taste of spring will delight our tongues too. While the world spins busily all around, we arrive at our forest where we all breath a little slower and a little deeper. There is time and space to be a child, and all is well.

Rachel Kennedy
Forest Kindergarten Teacher