High School Service Learning Week ~ The Empty Bowl ProjectThis group explored the Empty Bowls Project; a simple international grassroots effort to end hunger. Within three days we had hand crafted 150 clay bowls, each uniquely sculpted and designed. In the next two days the bowls were fired, we glazed them, and they were fired again. These bowls will be available for donation at the high school Solstice Celebration and at future musical events, with 100% of the donations going to people who may well have gone to bed hungry. Proceeds will be given to The Food Bank of Western Mass and the Amherst Survival Center. Our project has benefited from the generosity of Sheffield Pottery who donated the 150 pounds of clay for the bowls, and Candace Christiansen from Hawthorne Valley School, who donated the glazes and some bowls of her own. As one act of generosity made way for another in the creation of these bowls, we hope the spirit will spread and awareness will grow for those in need, as indeed it has done for all of us working on the project. This group also met during the week with the group on Food Scarcity in the Valley to consider the needs in our own locale. ~Katharine Payne

Through this experience, we have had the opportunity to become aware of hunger insecurity around the world… and have been able to engage in a meaningful education and a fun-filled project. ~Johanna Payne, 10th grade

High School Service Learning Week ~ The Empty Bowl Project