The Hartsbrook School wishes to thank all the volunteers who came for our Spring Community Work Day!

Work-Day_Spring-2016_06The new gardens at Early Childhood have already given us a sense of the transformation that will come in the future as we continue to develop our vision of the play yard master plan on the campus. This work was the first of a series of projects that we will undertake to create inviting spaces for our children to play in and explore.

Another work crew cleared downed logs, multi-flora rose, and barberry to create a new hiking trail on our back acres (located southwest of Pony Hill). This new trail has made a section of our property more accessible for an additional outdoor classroom space. We plan to continue trail building in the future to link up different parts of the agricultural land and to make the space more usable for ecology and botany studies.

And thank you to those who helped Nicki Robb with the cow pasture fencing. There are so many farm chores to be done, especially in the spring, and helping hands are always very welcome!

Thanks to: The Abbingsole Family, the Ayvazian Family, Jan Baudendistel, the Bertucci-Lynch Family, the Bicket Family, the Buda Family, James and Becky Cameron, the Cline Family, the D’Amico-Leclerc Family, the Dejong-Zimmerman Family, the Edwards-Jones Family, the Elde Family, the Evans Family, the Evenson Family, the Fairey-Fields Family, Meg Fisher, Sherri Gionet, Melanie Glissman, the Green Family, Kristin Hall, the Jarvis Family, the Kalman Family, the Lane-Zaman Family, the Miller Family, Elyce Perico, the Peters Family, Nicki Robb, Pilar Schmidt, The Sustick Family, the Thurrell Family, the Workman Family, the Saltet Family, and Heide Zajonc.

Frances Cameron
Operations Manager