tide pool viewAs part of our Zoology block, the senior class went on a week long camping trip to Hermit Island in Maine. We were joined by the Hawthorne Valley, Kimberton, Lake Champlain, Mass Bay, Monadnock, and Saratoga Springs senior classes. There were ninety-six Waldorf students all gathered at Hermit Island for the second of a three week program that Waldorf senior classes attend from all over the United States.

Over the course of the week we looked at many creatures that spend their lives under the waves, often only visible in tide pools. We dissected squid, looked at sea stars under the microscopes, and scoured tide pools for things like crabs, snails and sea urchins. One night we were even able to experience the glowing of a few comb jellies and bioluminescence in the ocean. Towards the end of the week we also studied the salt marsh and mudflats near by and enjoyed digging for clams and “frolicking” in the mud.

Aside from the intensive school work, there was also time for some brief swims in the freezing cold Maine oceans and bonding with other fellow Waldorf students. The week was a busy and thoroughly exhausting one, but successful and fun, nonetheless.

written by Kendall and Sloan, pictures by Sebastian