The Difference

Rich academics, fine and practical arts, experiential learning and land stewardship come together with a dedicated community, purposeful work and joy. Our approach is unhurried and intentional, meeting each child at their unique stage of development. Our graduates are known for integrated, flexible and creative thinking, high moral and ethical standards, and the capacity to bring new ideas into the world with passion and excellence.

We prepare young people to lead lives filled with meaning, purpose, and dedication to be of service to the world.


Curriculum Should be Conscious

You are seeking an intentional curriculum that balances practical skills, artistic work, and academic rigor, while also cultivating morality and an ethical relationship to one another and the environment.


Creativity Should Not Be Just an Elective

You know that cultivating creativity, free thought and imagination each and every day will be a wellspring for innovation, adaptability, and flexibility later their life.


Diversity is a Commitment

You seek a school that nurtures and celebrates children and families reflecting the full spectrum of humanity. Hartsbrook is committed to continuous evaluation of what’s needed to best deliver curriculum relevant to today’s children.


Academic Rigor is Important, Busy Work is Not

You know that while homework has its place, time spent doing busywork at nights actually can hinder children’s natural curiosity and takes time away from creative exploration.


Service Mindset is a Habit

You think engagement in the world is something that matters and you know that building the capacity to be self-motivated and service-oriented is a habit to practice during school years.


A Few Minutes Outside is Not Enough

You know that childhood and adolescence should be full of outdoor experiences, in rain, sun, and snow, to forge a long-lasting connection with nature and to build resilience, perspective, and life long health.


The Way a Place Feels Matters

You understand that your child is deeply nourished by their environment. Classrooms full of natural items, gorgeous light, and the beauty of the outdoors helps students thrive.


Growing Up Takes Time

You value an unhurried childhood and adolescence in which children and teens are allowed to develop emotionally, socially, and academically without undue pressure.

The Journey

Hartsbrook offers Waldorf Education for children just born through twelfth grade. Academics, arts, experiential learning and land stewardship come together with a dedicated community, purposeful work, and joy. Our programs will nurture and support your child on their journey to becoming life-long learners.

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From Our Community

  • I love that Hartsbrook has helped my children to see the world as a place of goodness, to appreciate their worth as individuals and to deal with challenges head on.  In all interactions there is deep integrity, graciousness and joy.  Academics are rigorous and presented in a way that students understand their learnings in the context of their human development rather than as points scored on a performance report.  When people tell me what lovely and truly capable people my children have grown up to be, I tell them I’m so grateful to The Hartsbrook School.

    Sarah Gilleman

    Hartbrook parent of two Hartsbrook students since 2012

  • Two things I attribute to my Waldorf education that help in my professional life daily are my ability to collaborate and my inclination to offer help. When you are part of a Waldorf community these may not seem like unique things, but in my work, it is surprising to see that most people do not try to offer
    more than is expected of them, and they are not intuitively good at creative collaboration. These skills are central to the Waldorf pedagogy, and I use them daily.

    Tess Harrison

    Hartbrook Hartbrook Alumna ’08, High School

The Hartsbrook School has been a leader in the independent school movement in the Pioneer Valley for nearly 40 years.

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