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Hartsbrook School Store



Fridays 9:00am-2:30pm
(when the school is open)

Hartsbrook Hall Lobby


Our store offers playthings inspired by nature, high quality art and craft supplies like those used in the classroom, beautiful beeswax products, Lifestyle Items, wool clothing, and ‘Hartsbrook Handmade’ items lovingly crafted by our own Hartsbrook families.

We are also delighted to host group buys and collaboratives with outside vendors and our own Community Craft Classes for the benefit of our school community.


SPECIAL OFFER to order Hawk logo sweatshirts:  

Sweatshirts (hooded, full zip and crewneck) in forest green with Hawk logo are being offered for you to purchase (deadline April 3rd).

To order, please go to Hartsbrook >>Hartsbrook School Store 2017 Q2 Store Link

For sizing details, click below (note that we are offering forest green only).  Pricing is on Store Link form and includes logo charge:

YouthHooded_specs YouthFullZip_specs YouthCrewneck_specs
AdultHooded_specs AdultFullZip_specs AdultCrewneck_specs

If you should encounter issues, please get in touch with Breakmark (the supplier) at or at 978-540-0987

For more School Spirit Wear, see the Lands End section below.



Community Crafting Corner

You can now register for and buy supplies for our Thursday morning Community Crafting Classes through the School Store!  Visit the Hartsbrook Community Crafting Blog to view the schedule and contact the store for the rest!

Meadow View Imports
This seasonal group buy is offered in November

Nova Natural Toys and Crafts
Use promo code “Hartsbrook10” at checkout and 10% of your purchase price is donated to Hartsbrook.

Lands End
Hartsbrook + Lands End = School Logo Wear 24/7

We have partnered with Lands End to bring you quality clothing with our school name on it, and more! (FYI – Lands End uses the clothing category “School Uniform” as an administrative name to identify the clothing associated with a school.)

Buy your Lands End gift card through Scrip online or from the Main Office. We can’t emphasize this step more! By using your Scrip purchased LE card the school receives 16% of your purchase price. That is a huge benefit to our school!

For your first time visiting Hartsbrook’s Lands End Page…  Click this link
•  fill in the Student Profile – NAME, GENDER, and for GRADE/STATUS select “Spiritwear” at the bottom of the drop down menu to ensure you load ALL ITEMS.
• hit SAVE SCHOOL or if you prefer not to save the student profile click ‘Shop Now’ at the bottom and begin shopping

Danish Woolen Delight
This seasonal group buy is offered in the Fall


Contact Wendy Buda