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Land Stewardship Program

LandStewardThe Hartsbrook School’s Land Stewardship Program gives students a chance to participate in an active farm and garden environment that combines the many varied components of working with the soil, plants, and animals. The program enables learning to take place in a meaningful way and to provide a practical foundation for the study of the human being in relation to nature.

Our program provides students with the opportunity to more fully integrate their education through a hands-on approach to the curriculum throughout the elementary and high-school years. Whether students are working in the farm garden or with the animals, such experiences (which will range from the subtlest of observations to the broadest of experiences), help nurture a growing understanding of the natural world and the part the students play within it.

LandSteward2Through observations of the natural world as seen in a farm landscape, through participating in meaningful work that helps instill a sense of responsibility and cultivates a work ethic, through developing a heartfelt and informed relationship to the art and science of agriculture, students are provided the tools that enable them to become caring stewards of the earth.

For more information, please download our Land Stewardship Curriculum.



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