The Hartsbrook School
Waldorf Education In The Pioneer Valley Of Western Massachusetts
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Early Childhood

Our Early Childhood programs attend to children’s unfolding
capacities and awakening interests and meet their deep devotion to
life with a gentle, loving environment. Young children imitate and
absorb their surroundings deeply. At Hartsbrook great consideration
is given to the children’s play environment, which is created to be
beautiful, healthy and natural.

In addition to a nurturing space, we also offer rhythm and balance in
daily and weekly schedules and opportunities for children to
experience new social interactions in a safe setting. Our programs
provide the foundation for developing creative thinking and sound
character through activity, imitation and imaginative play.

- View our VIDEO segment on Early Childhood
- Cricket on the Hearth (expecting parents/birth – 4 years)
- Nursery and Kindergarten (ages 2.9 years – 6+ years)

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