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Happy Summer to All!



Six Essential Components of Waldorf Early Childhood Education
Hartsbrook is among the schools featured in a new series of videos on Waldorf early childhood education.

Thank You, Hartsbrook Community!
The Hartsbrook School wishes to thank all the volunteers who came for our Spring Community Work Day.

A Tribute to Our Oxen and Caleb
Thank you Fire and Cracker, for all the many ways that you joined not only Caleb but all of us on a journey of learning.

Bridge to Communication
Groups of students in Grades 9-11 were challenged to build a free-standing bridge using only eight newspapers and masking tape. The groups had 10 minutes to plan, but needed to build the bridge in 10 minutes without talking at all…

Fourth Grade Animal Projects
Please view our slideshow of the fourth-grade animal projects.

Spring Life
Come early in the morning to do chores and you will be met with donkey brays, sheep and goats bawling, but not so the piglets – still snoozing and trying to get the last of their beauty sleep – they are always the late risers.

Congratulations, Maura!
Eighth grader Maura earned a Scholastic Art & Writing National Gold Medal for her poem, “Starless Nights.”

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