Community Meeting with the Strategic Renewal Committee
Monday, October 17, 7:00pm – 9:00pm
The Great Room, Hartsbrook Hall

During the 2015-2016 academic stream-2year, The Hartsbrook School established a Strategic Renewal Committee to help the school meet the challenges and opportunities that stand before it today; the Committee includes faculty members Rachel Kennedy and Virginia McWilliam and Board members Natalie Adams, Lane Hall-Witt, and Leslie Ritchie-Dunham. (Virginia also serves on the Board, as a faculty representative to the Board of Directors.)

The Strategic Renewal Committee is delighted to invite you to a gathering for the Hartsbrook community – parents, faculty, staff, and Board members – to discuss the strategic renewal process. The Committee will bring the community up to date on progress made so far and will also solicit input to guide its ongoing work. The agenda will feature three principal areas of focus:

(1) Sharing. Share a “Hartsbrook Moment” that sheds light on the question, “Why are you at Hartsbrook?”

(2) Update on the Strategic Renewal Process. The Strategic Renewal Committee is assessing the present state of The Hartsbrook School in light of both the impulses that animated the school’s founding 35 years ago and the new needs, wishes, and opportunities that have emerged in recent years. The Committee will report on its work in progress, foreshadowing important areas where we expect change to grow out of the renewal process.

(3) The Parent Community and the Work of Carrying the School into the Future. What role might parents seek to have – individually and collectively, as a parent body – to help carry Hartsbrook into the future?

Blessings on our work,

The Strategic Renewal Committee
Natalie Adams
Lane Hall-Witt
Rachel Kennedy
Virginia McWilliam
Leslie Ritchie-Dunham