The Hartsbrook School
Waldorf Education In The Pioneer Valley Of Western Massachusetts
Clarity of Thought | Warmth of Heart | Strength of Purpose


The Hartsbrook School, a Waldorf School in the Pioneer Valley, is dedicated to nurturing the unique spirit of each child. Our program from early childhood through high school integrates academic, artistic, and practical work to awaken clarity of thought, warmth of heart, and strength of purpose. Through joy in learning, kinship with nature, and working in community we prepare students to meet the challenges of the future and to find purpose and meaning in their lives.

Nestled amid lovely green pastures under the gentle curves of the
Holyoke Range, The Hartsbrook School is within close proximity to
towns known for the excellence of their academic institutions, as well as
their progressive and alternative communities. This exceptional location
supports the school in being a dynamic center for learning in which
the arts and the natural environment are utilized as focal points for
education. Our growing Agricultural Arts program brings a unique and
vibrant addition to our offerings.

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