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Hartsbrook Scrip Program

Did you know that if 150 families used $100 in Scrip per week to shop, that it would add up to $39,000 for the school this year?

Our Scrip Grocery Card program is an easy, no-cost way for families to support The Hartsbrook School. We have partnerships with many of our local stores, who give back from 2-10% of each dollar spent directly to Hartsbrook. For example, you can purchase a $100 River Valley Market Gift Card for $100, and River Valley Market donates $5 to Hartsbrook. (Whole Foods donates $10 for every $100 you spend during a special promotion.)

The key to this program’s success is our monthly standing order process, allowing us to achieve high-volume sales consistently each month. Last year we earned $7,308 in our Scrip Grocery Card program, and our goal this year is to earn $20,000. The stores that participate are:

  • Big Y: 6% to Hartsbrook
  • Esselon Café: 10% to Hartsbrook
  • River Valley Market: 5% to Hartsbrook
  • Stop & Shop: 5% to Hartsbrook
  • Whole Foods: 10% special promotion to Hartsbrook (Whole Foods Reloadable Card instructions)

New Scrip gift cards:

  • Paul & Elizabeth’s Restaurant: 10% to Hartsbrook.

Special Scrip “School Days” Online Shopping Opportunity, March 9-15 from Tao, online children’s clothes:  20% to Hartsbrook (, use promo code SDS15HARTSBROOK).

Please download the Scrip Monthly Standing Order Form and return it with your first check to the Main Office. You can postdate checks for each month of the school year, September-June.

Starting in September, after your first Scrip card purchase for Whole Foods, the cards will be reloadable online, using your credit or debit card, with Hartsbrook still receiving the 3% gift after the special promotion.

For more information, please download the SCRIP brochure.