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Jan Kees Saltet, MA

JanKeesHeadHigh School Humanities and German, Middle School German and Art

Jan Kees earned his BA in the Netherlands in English at the University of Groningen and an MA in English at the University of Utrecht, with post-graduate study in Child Psychology and Art History. He was born in Amsterdam just six years after the Second World War. He had what you call a “classical” high school education: seven years of Latin and Greek every day, plus three other languages. He loved speaking them, but not German especially… at the time. Love of German awoke later on, when he lived in Germany, studying speech formation in the Novalis Schule. He taught English at the Zeister Vrije School in Holland, worked on a farm in Norway (where he learned for the first time about Rudolf Steiner and Waldorf education), taught classical guitar at the Musikschule and Dutch at the Volkshochschule in Stuttgart, and enjoys cooking and making furniture. It’s been a full life, and he is still working hard to get the hang of teaching, inspired by the amazing students he finds at Hartsbrook. He says, “They make it fun!” At one year’s opening day ceremony, when asked what he brings to our school, he said: “I am serious about humor,” and he is.

From the Hartsbrook Blog — By Jan Kees Saltet

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A World Language Committee has been working to review our current world language program. This committee was formed because it was clear to the Faculty Conference that our current full and two-thirds language faculty will be retiring in the coming years, and in response to our ongoing school-wide pedagogical review. Our work engaged faculty, administration, parents, alumni and current students. Our most…