The Hartsbrook School

Mary Kay Costello, MS

High School Chemistry, Biology and Math

Mary Kay Costello received her MS in Neuroscience and Behavior (research in circadian rhythms) from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst in 2008 and her BA in Biology and Environmental Studies from Wells College.

Mary Kay has taught biology, chemistry, and math in Waldorf High schools and other private and public schools since 1979, first teaching at the Waldorf School of Garden City (of which she is also an alumna), later at the Hartsbook (Waldorf ) School and at the Mondanock Waldorf High School in Keene, NH. She is passionate about science, the natural world, hiking, swimming, cross-country skiing, gardening, discovering plants and animals, and finding ways to protect the land, its plants, and animals. Mary Kay has three grown children and two grandchildren who also attend a Waldorf School.