The Hartsbrook School

Cheryl Anne (“Cherrie”) Latuner, MA


High School Leadership Team
Faculty Mentoring and Support
High School Literature and French

Cherrie completed her BA in English and French at The State University of New York at Albany and at the University of Nice, France, and completed her MA in Literature and Creative Writing on a fellowship to Iowa State University, where she taught Freshman Composition and Creative Non-Fiction for several years. She became a member of the Hartsbrook community when her daughter, Lucie, entered Cricket on the Hearth in 1996.

Cherrie began teaching French and Literature in the high school at its inception in 2002. Between degrees, she worked as a freelance writer and editor while living in New York City, and has published poetry and essays. She did her Waldorf Foundations Studies with Roberto Trostli and other Hartsbrook High School faculty in 2002, and has trained with a wide variety of master Waldorf teachers all over the Northeast. Lucie graduated in the class of 2014.