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Fine & Performing Arts

FineArts2Students at Hartsbrook High School develop technical skills, but also inner (feeling) capacities as they engage in artistic work in classes in drawing, painting, and sculpting, or in other media, such as textiles or photography, as well as in artistic activities that are woven into their lessons throughout the curriculum. Students begin every school day with community singing, and choral or speech work is often practiced in the fabric of the main lesson or other classes. All students pursue a vocal or instrumental elective throughout the year and engage in drama work within their classes and/or as part of the annual high school theater or musical production, an event that enjoys full community participation and support, or in main lesson blocks devoted to grade-specific plays. Students regularly showcase their fine arts and performing arts work in the school or in the local community.

Hartsbrook students’ art and writing have been recognized statewide, for instance, in the Boston Globe Literary and Arts Awards and in The Marble Collection, the Massachusetts state literary and arts magazine. Hartsbrook student writing is featured annually in the high school literary and arts magazine, PotLuck.

From the Hartsbrook Blog — Arts

Hartsbrook Heartburst
Hartsbrook students and parents spent many hours crafting handmade hearts made of fabric, felt and wool and placed them in the children’s room at the Jones Library in Amherst and in front of the First Churches in downtown Northamtpton. The hearts were a symbol of love for all people.  Everyone was invited to take one or to pass it along.…

Announcing the results of this year’s Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards!
These regional awards are open to Massachusetts students in Grades 7–12, and are sponsored by the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (SMFA), in conjunction with the Boston Globe. Each year the Massachusetts arm of the program receives thousands of entries and there are over 50 judges who make hard choices based on the 3 criteria: originality, technical skill, and…

Viennese Ball
The 8th Grade invited 7th – 12th graders, alumni, teachers, parents, grandparents and friends to this year’s Viennese Ball, Saturday, February 4th. Guests at the ball enjoyed a Waltz class, a performance by the 8th Graders, lovely refreshments and live music to dance the evening away.  An amazing time was had by all.

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