The Hartsbrook School
Waldorf Education In The Pioneer Valley Of Western Massachusetts
Clarity of Thought | Warmth of Heart | Strength of Purpose

Hartsbrook High School

The High School builds on the foundations established in the grade
school years. High School offers an education that promotes academic
excellence, cultivates artistic expression, develops practical skills and
strengthens moral character.

Our academic program strives to engage students’ interest and to
strengthen their intellectual skills in preparation for college and life-long
learning. Our program in the arts helps the students develop their
capacities for self-expression, practicality, and self-reliance. Our
community service, internship and exchange programs allow students to
develop a broader perspective and to learn new life skills.

In the healthy and supportive environment of a small school, our students
and teachers work side by side in pursuit of their ideals. In a spirit of
community, students and teachers plan events, formulate policies, and
resolve conflicts.

If you would like information about our  9th Grade Renewable Scholarship Program,

please call us at (413) 584-3198.

Hartsbrook High School

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Application Forms:

High School Application Checklist
Form A – Application and Parent’s Comments
Form B – Applicant’s Questionnaire
Form C – Personal Recommendation
Form D – English Teacher Recommendation
Form E – Math Teacher Recommendation
Form F – Transcript Request