The Hartsbrook School
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Grade School

A day in the grades begins with the Main Lesson, a block of time devoted
to a particular subject for three to four weeks. Academic subjects are
presented imaginatively to engage the whole-hearted participation of the
students — physically, cognitively, and emotionally — and incorporating
movement, music, drama, modeling, painting, and drawing along with
traditional skills. The Main Lesson is led by the class teacher, who
accompanies the students through each grade, one year after another,
building on past lessons and laying the foundation for future studies and
in-depth understanding.

A broad array of subjects follows the Main Lesson each day. All grades
participate in foreign languages, physical education (Games), movement
(Eurythmy) and handwork. Instrumental music begins in grade 3, choral
music in grade 4, and woodworking in grade 5. Starting in grade 2, the
classes enter the Agricultural Arts program by planting their “Three
Sisters” garden. These special subject classes are taught by additional
members of the faculty.

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