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Nursery and Kindergarten

Traditional Classroom


In our Early Childhood programs (for children two years and nine months through age six), we provide rich exposure to language and culture through stories, songs and verses. Children experience social interactions through imaginative play and practical activity. There is rhythm and balance to each day, with a healthy mixture of active pursuits such as circle games and outdoor play along with quiet activities such as coloring, painting, beeswax modeling and baking. Children also enjoy long walks in nature and visits to the farm animals and garden. Full and half day options are available depending on age.

Forest Classroom

ForestJumpThe natural world is a wise and gifted teacher. Young children need opportunities to connect with the wonder, beauty, tranquility, and integrative activities available in the great outdoors. These experiences provide an essential foundation for development and learning. All Waldorf early childhood classes offer valuable time spent in nature. But the Forest Classroom goes one step further by immersing the children in daily outdoor experiential learning.

Our Forest Classroom is situated in the field and forest of our beautiful campus, nestled between farmland and the Seven Sisters Mountain Range of the Pioneer Valley. Children spend the mornings outdoors in creative meaningful play, and return indoors for lunch, rest and respite from extreme weather.

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