The Hartsbrook School

Michaelmas Harvest Festival

A harvested seed contains all that has been distilled from summer's bounty, and carries its own future potential. In our own inner life, we feel how summer's outbreath is ending and being transformed into new resolve and strength for our school year!

Michaelmas, observed near the fall equinox, recognizes the turning of the seasons and celebrates human courage and resolve. When we remember the story of Saint George and the dragon he slays, we are reminded that we too must summon the courage to face and conquer our own inner “dragons”.

Michaelmas Harvest Festival  
Thursday, September 28 & Friday, September 29

Working the Land, 11am-12:35pm.  We will honor the season as students Grades 1-12 harvest, sow and work in our gardens, and help to maintain and beautify our lovely campus.
1:25pm  Procession to Nibble Hill with Grades 1-8.

Dragon’s Den game for grades 1-8 11:50am-12:30pm.  All in the community are welcome to observe this joyous tradition in which students (villagers) from 1st through 6th grades bravely journey to the dragon’s cave to gather gleaming treasures, while dodging the mighty 8th grade dragons. They will be helped along their path by 7th grade angels and trees.

The Kindergarten celebrates Michaelmas with a walk to Nibble Hill that is for children and their teachers only. Read more about Michaelmas and Early Childhood in  The  Kindergartens’ Michaelmas Celebration blog post by Valerie Popalowski, Lead Kindergarten Teacher.