The Hartsbrook School

High School Week-at-a-Glance

Dates to Remember:

February 5 – High School has school. Early Childhood & Elementary  School do not.
February 8 – High School Parent Meeting (see below)
February 15 to 19 – Winter Break NO SCHOOL
February 2, 4, 9, 11, 23, 25 – Sound of Music rehearsals 3:45 to 5:15pm


New News:

Upcoming High School Parent Evenings
Please make a note of the next two parent evenings which will be a two meeting series. We will begin the evenings meeting and working with Nicole Roma Thurrell, our Wellness and Wilderness instructor, before dividing into grade groups for the second half of the evening.

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 8 – 6:45 pm

MONDAY, MARCH 28 – 6:45 pm

THURSDAY, MAY 19 – 6:45 pm

February Parent Meeting:
Nicole Thurrell will introduce herself and her work. She will lead us in a few exercises designed to acquaint parents with each other and further develop a parent web of support and accountability around our students.  The exercises will also be designed to give you a sense of what students are working on in the classroom and in the field.

March Parent Meeting:
In our March meeting, we will really dig into talking about talking about sex.  Here are a few of the topics to be covered:

• National statistics
• Defining your values
• Strategies for expressing your values
• Understanding emotional needs behind behavior
• Risk factors

May Parent Meeting:
We will have a more festive and social parent meeting in May. The students will present a performing arts showcase. This is an opportunity to invite friends and family to get acquainted with the high school  music program.

Events Around Campus:

Chinese New Year, Monday February 8: Our International Students from China will celebrate Chinese New Year with us on Monday with a party and some cultural exchange.
Valentine’s Day Party: The students will share good wishes and thoughts about what we really appreciate about each other. A loving way to go into the winter holiday week.

Throughout the year, but especially in the winter, we really value starting the day with our morning meeting time. Although the faculty are assigned to help with the morning meeting it is becoming much more of a student led activity with world news and events , preparing for the day ahead, some singing and a little humor which comes in the form of some very corny jokes.

However more and more we are struggling with punctuality and students straggling in, sometimes even after the meeting has ended. This impacts our sense of being a fully engaged community during morning meeting not to mention being a poor social habit in general. We are very understanding when contacted and we will excuse a tardy if we see that the weather conditions, the bus schedule or traffic has unexpectedly and adversely affected a particular students punctuality. We also excuse three tardies a trimester which is nine for the school year. After three tardies in a trimester we ask the students to attend detention where they generally perform some community service. However, we do not want to excuse a pattern or habit of showing up late. This year we have been actively following up with after school duty detentions for late comers because the growing number of late students has become a weekly regular. We recognize that it is not always easy to inspire teenagers in the morning! However, as a struggle, inspiring punctuality is an important struggle to maintain. So we are asking for your support as families to help stem the tide of tardies!!

We are not sure what advice to offer as parents ourselves, we have tried some of the following: tempting breakfast, loud alarm clocks, taking off the bed covers and even thoughts of buckets of cold water! But before you go down that slippery slope just start a conversation and try and work out together what is going to work for your student in particular.

Katarina Noyes has generously agreed to cover the snacks before the Sound of Music rehearsals on Tuesdays and Thursdays. However, she would also love any support that you have to offer. So if you find time and would like to jump in please contact Katarina ( and let her know which date you want to help out.

Menus so far have been chips and dips, bread and sandwich fixings, baked potatoes. The snack moment is always a lovely happy, social moment that includes both the acting and non-acting students before the after school rehearsals begin and the students are always very appreciative of the care they receive.


High School Homework Site – resources for high school courses. Click here to see this week’s homework.

Homework Club – Wednesdays, 3:30-5:00 p.m. to 5 p.m. Homework Club is a quiet, proctored environment for students to work on homework regularly, each week, after school. Please contact Caryn Rozgonyi-Hesse when your student is interested in staying:, (413) 586-1908, ext. 106. For safety reasons we cannot allow a student to stay on the grounds without parental permission.