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High School Week-at-a-Glance

Parent Meetings at 6:30 pm:  
March 7  |  April 26  |  May 11

Yearly Events:   Music and Art Showcase February 16, High School Musical March 23-25, Senior Projects April 12-13, Common Block Showcase May 11, Senior Play June 1-2

Upcoming Events:
Martin Luther King Jr. Day:
NO SCHOOL  January 16

Parent Teacher Conferences for grades 9, 10, 11: January 27

Sign Up for Parent Teacher Conferences here

High School Student and Faculty Coffee House: February 11, 6 pm

Music and Art Showcase: February 16, evening


 Welcome Exchange Students!
We have been joined this week by two exchange students, Samuela Lussi from Switzerland, who is staying with Leela Dolan and Jesefa Ilg from Southern Germany who is staying with Grace Pulsifer. We are lucky to have the opportunity to get to know them.

This year’s high school musical is Oliver. Liz Rose, Kimaya Diggs and Tim Holcomb will be working with students over the next several months on this strong, sometimes dark, but also delightful adaptation of Charles Dickens’s Oliver Twist. Various communications pertaining to the musical are posted on the window just next to the high school office door in the lobby of Piening Hall. Amy Freed will be the production manager and she is the person to whom all your questions or needs should be directed. Her email is Hero Hendrick-Baker is the stage manager. She will have many responsibilities in this production from organizing props and scenes to collecting money for scrips and much, much more. Please don’t be surprised to hear from her despite her being a student. She is a dynamo and we are so fortunate to have her help in this role in the musical.

Parent Teacher Conferences, January 27
Earlier this year the high school held parent teacher conferences for grades 9 and 12. On January 27 there is an opportunity for parents of students in grades 10 and 11 to meet with their student’s advisor. Please follow this link to sign up. There is no handwritten list in school, this is the only way to sign up. Parent Teacher Conference Sign Up. We have tried to ease your schedule a bit by adding times at the beginning and end of the day wherever teachers could make this possible.  If you do not see a time that works for you, please contact the advisor directly by email. Although these conferences are mainly for grades 10 and 11, your 9th or 12th grade student’s advisor may contact you asking that you sign up for a meeting and of course if you have a concern or just want to touch base, please feel free to sign up. Please remember that there is no school in the high school this day but the elementary school and early childhood do have classes.

UPDATE – CHANGE OF DATE  High School Coffee House, February 11, 6 pm
Each year to lighten up the dark winter the high school students and faculty get together to share some fun. The coffee house is a faculty and student only event where students get to enjoy the faculty letting down their hair in skits, dances and songs. Students come up with a theme, decorate the assembly room and gather snacks to share. Often they may invite a friend from another school. 

Music and Arts Showcase, February 16, 6:30 pm
Our next parent meeting is on February 16 and it will be a Music and Arts Showcase. Students will be presenting work across the grades in music, arts and languages. This is a great opportunity to invite a friend or relative who is interested in seeing Waldorf education in action. Students will probably need to arrive at school for the evening a little earlier than 6:30 but details about this event will come in early February.

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Senior Class Lyceum Lectures 
In Ralph Waldo Emerson’s day, people from the community, from all walks of life, gathered on an afternoon or evening in some community Lyceum lecture hall to hear a talk and be inspired by some eminent member of the community in an age before television and radio. The speaker might be, among other things, a minister, a writer, an educator,…

12th Grade Zoology Intensive: Hermit Island, Maine
As part of our Zoology block, the senior class went on a week long camping trip to Hermit Island in Maine. We were joined by the Hawthorne Valley, Kimberton, Lake Champlain, Mass Bay, Monadnock, and Saratoga Springs senior classes. There were ninety-six Waldorf students all gathered at Hermit Island for the second of a three week program that Waldorf senior…

10th Grade Washington DC Trip
This year’s tenth grade intensive brought us to Washington DC. Through our investigation of the ancient Greeks, we have taken up the foundations of our modern institutions: specialized work, political and religious institutions, law and morality and the beginnings of democracy. One of the themes in our curriculum for the tenth grade is comparing and contrasting and a visit to…

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