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High School Week at a Glance

TAKE NOTE!  Week of 11-20-17


Planetarium Presentation and Panda East Lunch
Wednesday, November 22
The whole high school will celebrate the completion of the first trimester with a trip to the Amherst College Planetarium to enjoy a presentation from the 11th grade astronomy class. Afterwards, students and faculty will have lunch together at Panda East. Students will be returned to and dismissed from Hartsbrook around 1pm, excepting those whose parents have made prior arrangements with Sarah. Parents can send an email granting permission for dismissal in Amherst to Sarah at

What to do to help? Here are some of our school-wide efforts to meet needs in the community of which Hartsbrook is a part.

A Dollar a Day Keeps Hunger Away: The 11th grade will be joining Monte’s March on Tuesday and have set themselves the goal of raising $500 to donate to the Food Bank of Western Mass. In just over one week they have raised $250 in a “dollar-a-day” campaign within the high school. Find collection boxes in the lobbies of Hartsbrook and Piening Halls until Tuesday morning, the morning of the March. Please help us reach our goal! Thank you on behalf of the Class of 2019.

Books Wanted! While visiting the Amherst Survival Center during Service Learning Week, high school students heard about the Center’s Holiday Book Drive, which seeks brand new books, especially Young Adult novels and board books for children, at this gifting time of year. Please fill the collection boxes in the lobby of Piening Hall by Wednesday, December 6! Thank you!

Food Drive: In the spirit of caring for our neighbors, the 6th, 7th, and 8th Grades will be collecting non-perishable items to donate to the Food Bank of Western Massachusetts. Collection boxes will be in the lobby of Hartsbrook Hall through the Thanksgiving Assembly. Please send in contributions as you can! Thank you in advance!

“Just Change” People are hungry all over the world. Of course people are also hungry in Western Mass. I’d like to do something about that so, I propose that we start the Just Change project at The Hartsbrook School. We will ask students, teachers, and the staff to please place their spare change in the coin jars that will be placed in every single class. At the end of every month, we will collect the money to see how much each class has raised and the winner will get bragging rights for that particular month. We intend to continue the Just Change program every year in the elementary school and the high school at The Hartsbrook School. This will be a permanent program. The funds raised will be donated to The Amherst Survival Center. The UMASS Five College Federal Credit Union has agreed to partner with us on this project. They will match all of the funds that we raise. ~8th grader Nathaniel Whitmal

Family Association Meeting –Notes from 11-14
The Family Association provides a portal for parents across all grades to discuss school topics of import.  Several topics were covered at this month’s meeting. Upcoming festivals and events were briefly covered.  The Lantern Walk will take place on Monday, November 20 for Grades 1-3.  Also, a request was made for a kiosk to be placed near the walkway from the parking lot to the kindergarten.  Would anyone like to work on this with the Buildings and Grounds Committee?  If so, please contact Frances Cameron.

The meeting on November 11 centered around a draft mandate for the formation of the Safety Committee.  The purpose of the Safety Committee is to provide a safe and healthy school and work environment for students, employees and visitors while maintaining the welcoming experience of the Hartsbrook School.  Frances Cameron led the session and spoke about the usage of visitor passes when walking around campus during school hours, the connection between the Hadley Police Station Resource Officer with the school and the discussion about the published AWSNA safety policy. The Safety Committee will be working on many topics that are important to all of us.  Due to the wide range of issues that fall under the purview of the Safety Committee, the group should be comprised of individuals with expertise in safety, security, health/medical, emergency preparedness and law enforcement. The committee would love to have more representation from the high school.If you are interested in joining the committee, please contact Frances Cameron. ~Liza Pulsifer

High School Teacher Reviews
Parent feedback is an essential part of the important process of reviewing our teachers. In the coming weeks, we hope to receive your feedback for the following high school teachers under review this year.

First Year Reviews:              Review committee: (*Committee chair)
Liz Bedell                               *Cherrie Latuner, Jan Kees Saltet
Ethan Myers                          *Caryn Rozgonyi-Hesse, Alex Workman

Cycle of Three Year Reviews:
Rosemary McNaughton     *Alex Workman, Jan Kees Saltet

Adjunct Teacher Review:
Nicole Thurrell                    *Rosemary McNaughton, Polly Saltet

Please click here for questions to guide your feedback: Parent feedback for HS Teacher Reviews 2017-18


Thank you in advance for taking the time and thought to participate in the review process.
The Teacher Development Committee, review group: Thomas Heineman, Magdalena Toran

9th  |  10th   |  11th  |  12th


9th grade: Liz Bedell and Naomi Henderson
10th grade: Alex Workman and Cherrie Latuner
11th grade: Ethan Myers  and Caryn Rozgonyi-Hesse
12th grade: Thomas Heineman and Rosemary McNaughton

Parents! What would make it possible for you to attend Parent Evenings? A particular day of the week or time of day? Refreshments or not? Let us know! Your attendance is vital to our working together!

We are your High School Leadership Team. As part of the Governance Transition in the High School, a high school Leadership Team has been created to provide you access to information, answer your questions, and address your concerns. Our focus: Rosemary McNaughton, administrative processes and procedures; Cherrie Latuner, faculty mentoring and support; Caryn Rozgonyi-Hesse, student support, college guidance, registrar; read more about us here. Contact us here.

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Family Association–see entry above
Carl Knerr    Meeting Notes Parent Portal> Docs

Save the Date –
Next IDEA Meeting–Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Ad Hoc Committee
Wednesday, 12/6
 5-7pm, Great Room 
Childcare and online/phone options will be provided.
Thank you to everyone who contributed to our first community IDEA meeting which
revealed how powerful, challenging, and vital this work is and how much expertise,
energy, and thoughtfulness we all bring to it.
At our December 6th meeting we will:
– Begin to clarify what Inclusion, Diversity and Equity mean to us in the context of Hartsbrook
– Engage in a process of centering what we love about Hartsbrook and envisioning
forward to what we want for Hartsbrook around inclusion, diversity, and equity
– Begin collaboratively a) researching external resources and supports and b) designing
tools that will enable us to hear voices who otherwise wouldn’t share their experiences
in public settings.
The vision behind the IDEA initiative is one in which the full arc of humanity is represented, reflected, and celebrated in our school – through race, economic situation, gender, sexuality, family composition, ability, nationality, religion, and more. Such a vision is rooted in and expands upon Hartsbrook’s mission to nurture the unique spirit of each child and to prepare students to meet the challenges of the future and to find purpose and meaning in their lives.
We want your input!
The IDEA Committee:  Christene DeJong, Mary Hannah Henderson, Chris Shaw, Heather Damon and Jacqui DeFelice

Single Parent Group
Please join us in the creation of a group for single parents, sharing the unique challenges of single and co-parenthood, within our Waldorf community, in ways that are supportive and in a forward moving direction. This is an opportunity to meet parents of other grades and perhaps build new friendships with other like-minded folks. Monthly meetings can have an intentional focus, or be open to what arises in the time we are together. I am open to any ideas! All are welcome!! – Jen Weaver

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State of the School Address
Hello, my name is Virginia McWilliam and I am the newly appointed Pedagogical Chair. I work alongside Fran Cameron who is the Administrative Chair. I am deeply grateful for her grace and incredible talents in the work of helping direct the school into the future. The horizon for many of the teachers at the school is somewhat defined by of…

Senior Lyceum Lectures
“Nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your own mind,” Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote in his essay “Self-Reliance,” and that maxim is one that guides our explorations in the American Transcendentalists Main Lesson block in 12th grade. Yes, we read, study, discuss, and question the authors’ thoughts and how they apply to us today, but we spend as…

Reflections from a Student Trip to MCI Shirley
Recently, Hartsbrook Juniors and Seniors spent some time with inmates at MCI-Shirley, a medium and minimum security facility housing criminally sentenced men in Shirley MA. Here are some reflections: The visit officially began as soon as we drove into the parking lot, which we later discovered was monitored at all angles by high security cameras. Everyone had dressed according to the…

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