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High School Week-at-a-Glance

Thursday, May 5 – Seniors’ Trip to Cuba Presentation 11:00-12:30
Friday, May 6 – Grandparents and Special Friends Day
Saturday, May 7 – Prom
Thursday, May 19 – 6:30 Parent Evening


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May Parent Meeting:
We will have a more festive and social parent meeting on May 19. The students will present a performing arts showcase. This is an opportunity to invite friends and family to get acquainted with the high school  music program.

Other Events

Reflections on Parent Meeting:
On Monday evening March 28, Nicole Thurrell, our Wilderness and Wellness instructor presented at our high school parent evening.

She began by helping families to understand the connection between wilderness and wellness.  Included in the course is Wilderness First Aid which includes CPR, soft tissue injuries, musculoskeletal injuries, shock, cold and heat injuries and much more.  She shared a notion Chip Weems observed  – it can be challenging to teach adolescents to take care of themselves but if we can invite them to learn to take care of others they do so willingly and apply it to themselves as well.  The primitive skills such as fire from friction, shelter building, traps, and group initiatives are designed to develop patience, focus, mindfulness, planning ahead, communication, team building, trust, and having fun in healthy ways.  The wellness portion focused primarily on sexual education this year and she hopes to expand the work to include substance use, eating disorders, healthy relationships, and media’s role in modern dating.

Everyone in attendance played a game that required communication, leadership and also the ability to be led.  The process was surprising to many and fun.  Perhaps you could ask a fellow parent who attended to tell you more about it.  We played this game to get a sense of the work and also to build connections across the parent body.  Nicole believes doing so will strengthen the web of support and accountability parents can offer the students as they mature and begin to individuate from the family unit.
Nicole and Steve Haendiges then demonstrated a challenge involving blindfolds and live mouse traps.  It required gaining trust and consent and outstanding communication.  The person wearing the blindfold developed a very real sense of vulnerability and hopefully can generalize this feeling to situations requiring sensitivity to others who are vulnerable.  It also exemplifies situations wherein there is a large power differential and hopefully builds sensitivity around the emotional risks of this dynamic.
We played a raucous game of Sex Ed Jeopardy.  The parents did very well and also developed appreciation for the many myths students hear regarding fertility and contraception.  In addition to teaching some basic sex ed facts, Nicole’s intention was to make talking about sex normal.  Statistics show the more openly sex is talked about, the more discerning adolescents are about engaging in it.  In addition, when there is assault, victims are more likely to talk about it.
She finished up by squeezing in a few qualities that can fortify students’ ability to make healthy choices – demonstrating good boundaries, self-advocacy, having strategies for managing stress as well as strategies for managing social anxiety which is so prevalent today.  She finished up by offering some simple suggestions for how parents can role model these qualities.
Here are a few parent responses:
“You were amazing tonight! You are a totally natural teacher and public speaker.  [We] wish we could go on a wilderness trip with you!
Take care. Your work is so important. Thank you.”
“I’m so glad that our children get to have you as their teacher for this important subject matter.  Carry on.  We give you our full support!  And thank you for so effectively giving us a picture of your work with them last night.  :-)”
“WE are the ones who are so blessed to have you in OUR lives!!!  I want to tell how I felt last night listening to you share and talk to us (to me) as mother of 2 teenage boys. You affirmed every everything I believe as a parent and put into words so much of what I want to teach them. I want to keep this dialogue about these topics going!! We are all so lucky to have you!”
“That was an excellent parent evening and presentation! You are so clear, knowledgeable and approachable.”
Senior Class in Havana

Seniors Havana

Having a great time! There is limited access to internet in Havana so we have not heard much are we are really looking forward to their return for all the stories and adventures. Please join us on May 5 from 11:00 – 12:30 to hear them present their trip.

High School Prom

Hartsbrook High School’s annual prom will be held this year in the Piening Hall assembly room on Saturday May 7 from 6.30 to 10.00pm.  As is traditional, the seniors have chosen the theme—Enchanted Forest—and the junior class and their families are in charge of set-up, decorations and clean-up.  Friday afternoon, May 6, will be a work period for grades 9 through 11 to prepare for the event, which features an elegant meal, outdoor activities, dancing, and other entertainment.  Eleventh grade parents—and any others who may be willing—are expected to help with takedown after the event is over.  Everyone is encouraged to attend and guests are welcome.  The cost per ticket is $35, although if this is prohibitive for anyone, individuals should speak to Mr. Weems or Mr. Cape, the class advisers.

Tony Cape and Chip Weems

Prom 2015

Prom 2015.3

Photos from Prom 2015



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