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Parent Meetings at 6:30 pm:    November 9 & 29  |  March 7  |  April 26  |  May 11

Yearly Events: Parent Teacher Conferences for grades 9 & 12 October 11, 10th Grade Play October 26-27, 12th Grade Lyceum Lectures  November 2, Solstice Celebration December 15, Music and Art Showcase February 16, High School Musical March 23-25, Senior Projects April 12-13, Common Block Showcase May 11, Senior Play June 1-2

September Events:
September 19-23:  High School Intensive Week – for further information, see below.
October 1:  Harvest Day Open House, 10am – 12pm

Upcoming Events:

From the Hartsbrook Blog — High School

9th Grade Civil War Intensive
As part of their Civil War block, the 9th Grade learned about the real life of the civil war soldier, with particular help from the 10th Massachusetts Volunteer Regiment, based in South Hadley.  The re-enactors led classroom demonstrations and taught outdoor marching and weapons drill, and helped us establish an overnight cookout and encampment behind Piening Hall in tents the…

11th Grade Intensive – Parzival Lives Within
For its Fall Intensive, the 11th grade made the annual trip to Triform, a residential Camphill community for special needs young adults located in a rural area outside Hudson, NY. This trip is made as part of the Main Lesson in Parzival, a medieval tale of a knight who travels the inward path to realization of his greater human self,…

Bridge to Communication
Ryan, Willow, and Romer — 11th Grade students — were chosen to lead an activity for Grades 9-11 wherein groups were challenged to construct a free standing bridge out of only 8 newspapers and masking tape. It needed to hold a half-full Brita pitcher for 10 seconds and be tall enough for a bowl to pass under it. To add…

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