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High School Week-at-a-Glance


The Schedules for the fianl weeks are a bit different. You can view and print them here:

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Senior Class Final Weeks
Grades 9, 10, 11 Final Week

Other Events
Final Week

Lake Wyola Trip
The entire high school takes a break for sun and fun on the first day of the last week of school. Traditionally we go to Lake Wyola and have a barbeque. Students will attend Main Lesson and then gather up the supplies and head over to the beach. Nicole Roma Thurell will be our life guard. Similar to the Coffee House in January, this event is an opportunity for faculty and students to let their hair together. Students should arrive at school with swim clothes, towels, Frisbees, etc. We will return in time for regular dismissal.

Review of Year
We take the opportunity during the final week to celebrate our work together and the community for learning that we have formed. There is time each day for classes to present their work to each other. There will be celebrations of world languages, mathematics and science. Time is also set aside during the week to practice for graduation, where the entire school performs a musical piece and to develop skits for the high school final assembly. Students pass on to the next rising class wisdom they have gained and warnings of the pitfalls they have encountered in a gentle, funny fashion, particularly honoring the graduating seniors.

Field Day
Field Day takes place on Wednesday, June 8 from 1 pm to 3:15. The entire school gathers to team up across the grades and run relays, carry spoons full of water across the field without spilling a drop and other such  challenging games. Parents are welcome to come watch. Students should dress for running, sweating and generally having a good time. Megan Owens will send an email  with the teams announced. Generally, students are asked to arrive at school with a tee shirt of their team color.No one sits on the sidelines on this day!

Senior Verse Giving
Seniors and the entire faculty of the Hartsbrook School gather for the final parting verse on Thursday, June 9 after school. This is an opportunity for students to reflect on their past and imagine their future with those educators who have carried them through their years here. Students should wear professional attire, perhaps even wearing what they plan to wear to the dressy Senior Banquet.

Senior Banquet
The faculty, parents and the senior class celebrate together on the cusp of graduation on June 9 at 6:30 in the Assembly Room. Seniors are the guest of honor and the ninth grade class are the servers of the feast. This is a dressy event for the guests. Ninth graders should arrive at 5:30 wearing white button shirts and black skirts or pants with nice shoes. Long hair will need to be neatly tied up. Many ninth grade parents will be helping to get the meal ready and served. We are still looking for additional volunteers so please contact Caryn Rozgonyi-Hesse if you are able to help. Ninth grade students and their parents should arrive having eaten supper. There will be an ice cream or popsicle treat for them when the job is done. They will be preparing the salad, plating and serving food, refilling water glasses and clearing away and rinsing dishes. Usually they are finished by 9 pm. We have found that the students really enjoy this event and the opportunity to get a glimpse of what life will be like at the end of their high school career. This is a mandatory event for all ninth graders.




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