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Take Note! Week of February 19, 2018

Musical News to Know from Sarah Hill 
Hi everyone,
Three things!
THING ONE: Please note that we have added a rehearsal on the morning of the Sing-Along performance that will run from 9-12. This is for everyone in the play plus those on lighting.

Casts have been assigned to shows as follows:
Dress 3/15  – Cast 2
Opening Night 3/15  –  Cast 1
Dress 3/16  –  Cast 1
Friday Night 3/16  –  Cast 2
Saturday matinee  –  Cast 2
Saturday night  –  Cast 1
Sunday matinee  –  Cast 1
Closing night – Cast 2
Ms. Rose has asked that I unleash upon all of you, along with her torrential affections, a merciless deluge of encouragements to listen to the musical and practice your lines over the break.Please have everything memorized by TUESDAY, FEB. 27
Bravo and thanks everyone!!

Ski Make-Up Date 
Friday, 3/2. The adjusted Friday schedule will be in effect one final time that day. 2018 Ski Season Policies


Parent Evening: Navigating Screens with Teens and Preteens
Tuesday, 3/27
For parents of students in Grades 6 -12
Nicole Thurrell will moderate this no lecture/no guilt interactive workshop where we will reflect on the current state of human relationship to technology and share experiences and strategies for supporting adolescents in developing their own healthy relationships to technology. We will create a holistic and multidimensional plan to help support our teens and preteens as they learn to use technology in a purposeful way.

Parent Evening: Music and Arts Showcase
Tuesday, 5/15 

Upcoming Senior Class Events
Saturday, 3/3, 6:30: Coffeehouse with a Harry Potter theme!
Wednesday, 4/11, & Thursday, 4/12, 6-9pm:  Senior Project Presentations

The High School Musical Schedule of Performances
Sunday, 3/11
2:30 Possible Sing-Along Kid Show (Cast and crew, please do hold this date)
Thursday, 3/15
AM Dress Rehearsal
7:30 Performance
Friday, 3/16
AM Dress Rehearsal
7:30 Performance
Saturday, 3/17
2:30 Performance
7:30 Performance
Sunday, 3/18
2:30 Performance
7:30 Performance

9th  |  10th   |  11th  |  12th

9th grade: Liz Bedell and Naomi Henderson
10th grade: Alex Workman and Mary Kay Costello
11th grade: Ethan Myers  and Caryn Rozgonyi-Hesse
12th grade: Thomas Heineman and Rosemary McNaughton

We are your High School Leadership Team. As part of the Governance Transition in the High School, a high school Leadership Team has been created to provide you access to information, answer your questions, and address your concerns. Our focus: Rosemary McNaughton, administrative processes and procedures; Cherrie Latuner, faculty mentoring and support; Caryn Rozgonyi-Hesse, student support, college guidance, registrar; read more about us here. Contact us here.

Also of interest to you:
Read about the high school’s
Updated Cell Phone Policy
Who’s who in the high school faculty this year:  
HS Faculty Announcement
What’s new in our schedules this year:  Letter re HS Schedules


Family Association Meeting Notes from February
The HFA had a great meeting this month. Swansea Benham-Belicher, Leslie Evans, and Ann Walsh of the Enrollment Committee joined us to discuss their work which led to a great conversation with those in attendance. We also discussed future events for the Hartsbrook community and the Heartburst activity. Meeting minutes can be found on BigSis under Documents. Next meeting will include a conversation with the Development Committee. Nex Meeting, Tuesday. 3/6, 7-9pm, The Great Room.  Meeting Notes  Parent Portal> Docs   – Carl Knerr

Next IDEA Meeting–Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Ad Hoc Committee
Early or Mid-February
Hello IDEA community!
First of all, a HUGE thank you to everyone who was able to join us at last night’s community meeting.  We had 29 people with us last night (1 joining in online thanks to José! Thank you again, José!), including an incredible 13 faculty and 3 staff who enthusiastically participated after a long day teaching and caring for our children and the school.  Thank you dear faculty and staff for so strongly taking up this work.  Your presence and commitment speaks volumes about what is possible here at Hartsbrook and what we can accomplish together.
Including the 5 core ad-hoc committee members, there are now 63 Hartsbrook community members who have either come to an IDEA meeting or told us on the committee that they want to be involved in the work.  Our circle keeps widening.  THANK YOU!
Followup – Invitation to share your perspectives, stories, experiences, and ideas  
For everyone, those at the meeting last night and those who couldn’t make it, we invite you to use this Google Form to share your experience, perspective, and intelligence with us.  The form includes two questions we worked on at the meeting last night and additional questions where you can share any stories or experiences you wish around inclusion, diversity, and equity at Hartsbrook.  On the form you choose the level of anonymity and/or confidentiality you want, to ensure your privacy and sense of security are protected.
We are hoping that everyone will take advantage of this opportunity to share your voice with us on the IDEA committee using this Google Form.
The IDEA Committee:  Christene DeJong, Mary Hannah Henderson, Chris Shaw, Heather Damon and Jacqui DeFelice

Single Parent Group
Please join us in the creation of a group for single parents, sharing the unique challenges of single and co-parenthood, within our Waldorf community, in ways that are supportive and in a forward moving direction. This is an opportunity to meet parents of other grades and perhaps build new friendships with other like-minded folks. Monthly meetings can have an intentional focus, or be open to what arises in the time we are together. I am open to any ideas! All are welcome!! – Jen Weaver

From the Hartsbrook Blog — High School

Hartsbrook at Harvard Model United Nations
Fifteen Hartsbrook Juniors and Seniors and one brave Sophomore returned, along with Ms. McNaughton and Mrs. Heineman, from a whirlwind weekend in Boston at the Harvard Model United Nations (HMUN) conference. I have been a part of the Hartsbrook MUN delegation for three years, representing Senegal, the UAE, and, most recently, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Model United Nations, is,…

Scholastic Art & Writing Awards – Congratulations!
These regional awards are open to Massachusetts students in Grades 7-12, and are sponsored by the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (SMFA), in conjunction with the Boston Globe. Gold Key winners will go on to be considered for national awards, which are announced in the spring. Thank you to all the Hartsbrook students who entered work in…

High School Service Learning Week ~ Survival Center
On our arrival at the Northampton Survival Center, we were given an extensive tour of the facility, learning about how NSC operates. Students were fascinated to learn that it is a choice-based food pantry, meaning that clients select what they want to bring home within each food category (dairy, vegetables, soups), depending on the size of their families. The huge…

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