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High School Week-at-a-Glance

A Word About Timeliness…
High School begins at 8:15 every day. This means that students have entered the building, put their backpacks in their classroom and their lunches in their lockers, perhaps they need to stop in the restroom, finally, they climb the stairs and proceed to the Lobby to join the Morning Meeting. In order to accomplish all this and be on time, students need to arrive at Hartsbrook by around 8 am. We strongly value timeliness in the high school. It is a foundation that carries over into so many aspects of life. Please read the High School Handbook to familiarize yourself with consequences for tardiness. Let us begin on the right foot.

Autumn HIGH SCHOOL INTENSIVE WEEK, September 21 -25
You should have received communications from your student’s teacher about the grade specific activities of this week. Here is a list of the Main Lesson Blocks and Intensives by grade:

9th Grade: History of Drama
For the second year running, the 9th Grade History of Drama block will host a one week improvisational workshop led by members of the world-famous Double Edge theater company of Ashfield.  The program will begin on Sunday September 20 at 10am at the company’s Ashfield premises (drivers needed!)  The following week’s activities (September 21 to 25) will all take place at school during regular school hours (8/15 to 3/20), except on Wednesday when the school is closed.  On Friday at 3:30 the class will present selections of their work from the week for parents and others from the school community.

10th Grade: The Ancient Greeks
The 10th grade will travel to New York City where we can investigate Greek art and culture and its influences on modern American life and culture first hand through art, architecture, economics and government. To this end we will visit various museums in the city. The trip will leave Hartsbrook on Friday, 18th September and return on Tuesday afternoon, 22nd September so that families can observe Yom Kippur.

11th Grade: Parzival – Triform Camphill Community Trip
Triform is a residential Camp Hill community for special needs young adults. This visit to Triform is the perfect accompaniment to the Parzival block, which explores a young knight’s traveling the inward path to realization of a greater human self, and how that frees up one’s capacity to have compassion for others. Throughout the week we will work alongside community members in workshops and also in the gardens and fields, on the farm, and in general grounds keeping. Some students may work in resident houses helping to prepare the midday meal. There will be a Main Lesson portion of each day, and a homework period each evening. We will begin our trip on Sunday, September 20, by meeting at 2:00 p.m. at the Stop and Shop in Amherst. We will return Friday, September 25, at regular dismissal time.

12th Grade : Zoology, trip to Hermit Island
The 12th grade will travel to Hermit Island on the coast of Maine near the town of Bath.  We will leave the morning of September 20th and return the afternoon of September 25th. We will study marine ecology with field work in the tide pools and mud flats.  Afternoon workshops include poetry, watercolor painting, beach and dune ecology, a microscope lab.