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High School Week at a Glance

TAKE NOTE!  Week of 10-16-17

Monday, October 30.  (More details below.)
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Saturday, October 28, 5:30 -10:45pm
Cost: $15.00 deadline extended to Monday, 10-23
in the High School office.
 (More details below.)

Wednesday, October 18 at 6:30pm
Meeting with David Belanger, Director of Smith College Financial Aid Office.  (More details below.)

A Good IDEA~
Wednesday, October 18, 5:00-6:30pm
Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Ad Hoc meeting. (More details below.)

9th  |  10th   |  11th  |  12th


9th grade: Liz Bedell and Naomi Henderson
10th grade: Alex Workman and Cherrie Latuner
11th grade: Ethan Myers  and Caryn Rozgonyi-Hesse
12th grade: Thomas Heineman and Rosemary McNaughton


Wednesday, October 18 at 6:30pm
Meeting with David Belanger, Director of Smith College Financial Aid Office
This meeting is for parents and students in grades 11 & 12. David will help demystify the financial aid process. He is extremely helpful in helping families to discern exactly what college costs will be and how to plan for those expenses.
I am hoping that all seniors and their parents will be able to attend this important meeting. Parents with students in other grades and their students might be highly interested in this meeting in order to be informed before the choices are imminent .This meeting forms a great basis for a family conversation before your inbox and mailbox begin to fill up with advertisements from colleges. We are fortunate to have Dave to present an inside view into financial aid to us. Please RSVP if possible but last minute folks are welcome.

Saturday, October 28, 5:30 -10:45pm
Cost: $15.00 due in the High School office. Deadline extended to Monday, 10-23
The Hartsbrook Halloween Party on October 28, 5:30-10:45 is a dance and costume party. We will be joined by the Monadnock and possibly by the Berkshire Waldorf schools. Host families may be needed. We begin the evening with a supper of pizza and salad after which the students have time to change into their costumes. Then the dancing begins.There is a playlist selected by students in advance and several sets of dance time. Dancing is punctuated by games, including bobbing for apples and other autumnal activities and dessert. There are dance, limbo and costume contests and we provide prizes for these. Each student is asked to fill out a conduct agreement stating that they will follow all school rules during the party and afterward when hosting or being hosted overnight. A copy of the conduct agreement can be found here: Hartsbrook High School Halloween Party 2017.Student Signature, and you and your student can go over it. Please send the signed copy back to The cost of the dance is $15 to cover dinner and other costs. We will need to know of any special dietary requirements. Each student may bring a guest. Emergency contact information for the guest should be included on the bottom of the conduct agreement. Guests must be in high school and also sign a conduct agreement.  – Caryn Rozgonyi-Hesse, Hartsbrook High School Student Affairs Coordinator,
High School Leadership Team

Monday, October 30.  Click here to sign up.
This first round of conferences will focus on 9th graders, 12th graders, and all new students. STUDENTS ARE INVITED AND ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND WITH THEIR PARENTS. If you are eager to have a conversation about a student in any grade with your student’s advisor, you are welcome to sign up, and your student’s advisor may request a meeting. A second round of conferences for all grades will be held on January 29. The high school IS in session on Tuesday, October 31.


November 8: Special Format:

5:30-6:30pm HS Open House (student work exhibited in classrooms)
6:30pm All-school address and walk through the grades followed by a 12th grade
Lyceum presentation in the Assembly Hall.
Parents! What would make it possible for you to attend Parent Evenings? A particular day of the week or time of day? Refreshments or not? Let us know! Your attendance is vital to our working together!

NEXT STEPS in this year’s focus on TECHNOLOGY:

Conscious Use of Technology & Media Mindfulness
Friday October 20, 2017, 6:30pm-9:00pm
Faculty and parents will work together in looking at this topic in a collaborative World Cafe  format.  Discussion with Chip Weems PhD, Computer Science teacher at UMASS and teacher of Science and Computer Science at Hartsbrook High and Susan McNamara, MA, author of “Connection at Any Cost: How Technology is Failing Our Children”

Workshop with Susan McNamara
Saturday October 21, 2017, 10am-12pm
Join us for activities that promote imagination and connection. All ages welcome. Parents can join a workshop with Susan McNamara.  Parents and children participate in faculty-led, developmentally-appropriate activities that highlight our curriculum.  How does the Waldorf curriculum help students to build the capacities which will help them achieve a healthy relationship to technology?
See the full program of technology events through the year here.

We are your High School Leadership Team. As part of the Governance Transition in the High School, a high school Leadership Team has been created to provide you access to information, answer your questions, and address your concerns. Our focus: Rosemary McNaughton, administrative processes and procedures; Cherrie Latuner, faculty mentoring and support; Caryn Rozgonyi Hesse, student support, college guidance, registrar; read more about us here. Contact us here.

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A Good IDEA~
Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Ad Hoc meeting
The vision behind the IDEA initiative is one in which the full arc of humanity is represented, reflected, and celebrated in our school – through race, economic situation, gender, sexuality, family composition, ability, nationality, religion, and more. Such a vision is rooted in and expands upon Hartsbrook’s mission to nurture the unique spirit of each child and to prepare students to meet the challenges of the future and to find purpose and meaning in their lives.
We want your input!
Please join us at the initiative launch on Wednesday, October 18, from 5-6:30pm. We will form working groups, refine our research questions and tactics, figure out responsibilities and how we will work together, and refine overall timeline.
RSVP if you can: Christene DeJong (but come as you are able and bring a friend!)

Single Parent Group 
Please join us in the creation of a group for single parents, sharing the unique challenges of single and co-parenthood, within our Waldorf community, in ways that are supportive and in a forward moving direction. This is an opportunity to meet parents of other grades and perhaps build new friendships with other like-minded folks. Monthly meetings can have an intentional focus, or be open to what arises in the time we are together. I am open to any ideas! All are welcome!! – Jen Weaver

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