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High School Week at a Glance

TAKE NOTE!  Week of 12-18-17

Solstice Celebration
Thursday, December 21, 4:45pm-6:15pm
See the Bulletin for full details of the celebration.
Call Time: 4:15pm, meet in the tent
What to Wear: Warm colors, green, sparkles, full, long skirts, scarves, vests, dangly jewelry. Nice shoes suitable for walking outside briefly (no sneakers, boots ok). Avoid large patterns/garments with holes/black.
Other Things to Know: Bring Food to eat after the school day ends; you will NOT have time to go home or out. Bring your clothes as well.   ~Kimaya Diggs   

Anonymous Gnomes Are at Work
Every year high school students choose at random a school-mate to gift small clues and treats in preparation for the “reveal” of their identity at the Holiday Party in the morning of the half day before Winter Break. Some Gnomes may need small reminders to keep busy at their work! (Hint, hint!)

Holiday Giving: “WE HAVE THE DRIVE!”
Empty Bowls from the Empty Bowl Service Learning Project are on sale in the School Store through next week. Suggested donations of $10 per bowl will go toward ending hunger in our valley.  Store hours:  Wednesdays 1-3pm; Thursdays 8:30am-3:30pm; Fridays 8:30am-1pm

Thank You to Nicole Thurell
For her powerful presentation at the December 4th Parent Evening of the challenges for our students and their families of easy access to extreme pornography sites. We look forward to carrying a summary of Nicole’s presentation on Week at a Glance after Winter Break.

Future Parent Evenings
Tuesday, 2-13         Tuesday, 3-27         Monday, 5-21

Parents! What would make it possible for you to attend Parent Evenings? A particular day of the week or time of day? Refreshments or not? Let us know! Your attendance is vital to our working together!

High School Teacher Reviews
Please return your feedback in the brown envelopes that were distributed to the high school office with your student. Parent feedback is an essential part of the important process of reviewing our teachers.  Click here for copies of the forms to guide your feedback: Parent feedback for Teacher Reviews 2017-18

Reflections on Service Learning Week
Please scroll down to the High School Blog for a colorful spotlight on the week-long activities that so engrossed and inspired our students. Be sure to click on “More posts…” to catch it all. And please share your Service Learning ideas!

9th  |  10th   |  11th  |  12th

9th grade: Liz Bedell and Naomi Henderson
10th grade: Alex Workman and Cherrie Latuner
11th grade: Ethan Myers  and Caryn Rozgonyi-Hesse
12th grade: Thomas Heineman and Rosemary McNaughton

We are your High School Leadership Team. As part of the Governance Transition in the High School, a high school Leadership Team has been created to provide you access to information, answer your questions, and address your concerns. Our focus: Rosemary McNaughton, administrative processes and procedures; Cherrie Latuner, faculty mentoring and support; Caryn Rozgonyi-Hesse, student support, college guidance, registrar; read more about us here. Contact us here.

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Family Association Meeting Notes from 11-12-17
The Hartsbrook Family Association (HFA) is  a loose group of parents, guardians and faculty whose purpose is to keep everyone “in the know” about work of the board, committees, school events and parent initiatives that benefit the school and the community.  The HFA works outside of individual classes across all grades; it is the goal of HFA to have at least one delegate from each class at meetings each month.

The December meeting centered on the school financial report presentation by Noah Smith.  Noah is an alumnus and parent who is an active member of the Finance Committee.  Hartsbrook is a non-profit school whose revenue matches expenses; the school is break-even every year. Just a few numbers: 92% of the revenue comes from tuition and 8% comes from donations and fundraising.  Noah discussed the goal of cultivating philanthropy in order to increase the donations and fundraising to 10% of the budget.

After a discussion about the budget creation process, Noah spoke about the effect of the new sliding scale on the retention of students from last year to this year.  He was happy to report that 25 new students came to Hartsbrook and 38 students re-enrolled because of the sliding scale.  The sliding scale allows the school to move toward full classes.  What is a full class?  24 students in each elementary class and 16 students in each high school class.



Next IDEA Meeting–Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Ad Hoc Committee
Early or Mid-February
Hello IDEA community!
First of all, a HUGE thank you to everyone who was able to join us at last night’s community meeting.  We had 29 people with us last night (1 joining in online thanks to José! Thank you again, José!), including an incredible 13 faculty and 3 staff who enthusiastically participated after a long day teaching and caring for our children and the school.  Thank you dear faculty and staff for so strongly taking up this work.  Your presence and commitment speaks volumes about what is possible here at Hartsbrook and what we can accomplish together.
Including the 5 core ad-hoc committee members, there are now 63 Hartsbrook community members who have either come to an IDEA meeting or told us on the committee that they want to be involved in the work.  Our circle keeps widening.  THANK YOU!
Followup – Invitation to share your perspectives, stories, experiences, and ideas  
For everyone, those at the meeting last night and those who couldn’t make it, we invite you to use this Google Form to share your experience, perspective, and intelligence with us.  The form includes two questions we worked on at the meeting last night and additional questions where you can share any stories or experiences you wish around inclusion, diversity, and equity at Hartsbrook.  On the form you choose the level of anonymity and/or confidentiality you want, to ensure your privacy and sense of security are protected.
We are hoping that everyone will take advantage of this opportunity to share your voice with us on the IDEA committee using this Google Form.
The IDEA Committee:  Christene DeJong, Mary Hannah Henderson, Chris Shaw, Heather Damon and Jacqui DeFelice

Single Parent Group
Please join us in the creation of a group for single parents, sharing the unique challenges of single and co-parenthood, within our Waldorf community, in ways that are supportive and in a forward moving direction. This is an opportunity to meet parents of other grades and perhaps build new friendships with other like-minded folks. Monthly meetings can have an intentional focus, or be open to what arises in the time we are together. I am open to any ideas! All are welcome!! – Jen Weaver

From the Hartsbrook Blog — High School

High School Service Learning Week ~ The Empty Bowl Project
This group explored the Empty Bowls Project; a simple international grassroots effort to end hunger. Within three days we had hand crafted 150 clay bowls, each uniquely sculpted and designed. In the next two days the bowls were fired, we glazed them, and they were fired again. These bowls will be available for donation at the high school Solstice Celebration…

High School Service Learning Week ~ Hunger and Food Scarcity in the Valley
This group of 11th graders worked at several organizations that are focused on addressing the issue of food scarcity and hunger in the Valley. On Monday and Tuesday mornings, we worked at the Amherst Survival Center unloading donated food, stocking the pantry, working in the free store, bagging donated bread and produce. On Thursday, we visited the Food Bank of…

High School Service Learning Week ~ Farm Service
This group traveled to Brookfield Farm where we spent part of our time interviewing farmers and part of our time harvesting carrots, which was “way more fun” than the students had expected. Students loved hearing the stories of the farmers we met who had not been exposed to farm work during their childhoods, but had discovered it at college, or…

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