The Hartsbrook School

Parent Meditation

“The wakefulness that results from contemplative practice can, when joined with inner equanimity and empathy, create the possibility for a new form of community life.”
Arthur Zajonc, Hartsbrook Board member,
  Meditation as Contemplative Inquiry

PClogoMeditation is a way for parents to support each other in finding quiet time to be with ourselves. We invite all Hartsbrook community members to join us, including new parents. If you’ve never meditated, come 5 minutes early for some basic instruction.

Meditation can help us, as parents, be less reactive and more thoughtful in how we respond to our children. How might our parent community benefit, as well, from engaging in this practice together?

Cost/Registration:  None. Drop in on any Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday that works for you! For more information, please contact Jennifer Hall-Witt, Parent Council Representative, at