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Alumni Features

Caroline Winter (8th Grade 1993)

“Journalism is something I fell into by accident,” says Caroline Winter, a member of The Hartsbrook School “pioneer class” of ’93 (8th Grade), the first graduating class. “My Waldorf education, with its emphasis on exploration and imagination, was instrumental in helping to prepare me for this compelling work.”

 elena-nietupski-2 Elena Nietupski (HS 2013)

Elena found her Hartsbrook experience unique and life changing.

Tess_Harrison  Tess Harrison (HS 2008) 

Filmmaker and actress Tess Harrison notes that what stands out most about her time at Hartsbrook is the accepting and supportive community.

Valentina Valentini pix Valentina Valentini (8th Grade 1998)

Reflecting on her writing career, Valentina  credits her creativity and drive in part to her early education at Hartsbrook.


Casay Yamazaki Heineman Casay Yamazaki Heineman (HS 2011, 8th Grade 2007)
Casay credits the Hartsbrook High School exchange program with other Waldorf school around the globe as being a unique and life-altering component of the school’s Waldorf-based education.
Elizabeth Mealey Elizabeth Mealey (HS 2010, 8th Grade 2006)
A Hartsbrook student from third grade through high school, the school’s creative approach and embracing community of students and faculty offered the best opportunities for Elizabeth.
Ian Curtis Ian Curtis (HS 2008, 8th Grade 2004)
Ian is on his way to an academic career in French, an interest born at Hartsbrook in his many years at the school ; he started at its nursery school and graduated from its high school in 2008, before going on to Kenyon College, Paris and now Yale University for a doctorate.
Barrett Allison Barrett Allison (8th Grade 2001)
“I developed a love of exploring ideas. Hartsbrook gave me a quiet confidence and an ability to communicate both informally and in presentations, skills I use constantly in investment banking.”
Doran Catlin Morgan Doran Catlin Morgan (8th Grade 1993)
Doran has become a leader in public-school education administration, and she credits much of her success to Hartsbrook.
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