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Our alumni maintain a lifelong relationship with Hartsbrook. We welcome back our graduates throughout the year as they return to re-connect with teachers, classmates and our campus community and to celebrate special events.

Alumni Class Notes 

Alumni also contribute articles and photos for Hartsbrook’s Alumni Class Notes and for the School’s Annual Report, and update us about their latest life events and memories of their Hartsbrook years.

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Please read the collection of in depth profiles of a variety of Hartsbrook Alumni who have shared their reflections on the impact of a Hartsbrook education on their lives as well as describing the interesting paths their lives have taken.  Click here to read these Alumni Features.

Alumni Events:

“An Evening of Hartsbrook in Brooklyn” on June 13, 2017

James Robb, (HS ’93) opened the doors of his company, Madera, and its new showroom/design workshop in Brooklyn, NY, to welcome Hartsbrook Alumni and friends of the school for an evening of catching up, hearing about the school and connecting with people who care deeply about Hartsbrook.

Nicki Robb, (Faculty member and Director of the Land Stewardship  Program) gave a talk about the goals of the Land Stewardship program, one of the most exciting programs for the school and for the community at large.

A gathering of alumni and friends came to the event, which we plan to be the first of many such events.

Future Alumni Events:

Would you like some help hosting alumni events and related networking in other locations such as Northampton, MA, Boston, MA, Chicago, IL, Washington, DC, Denver, CO and various locations in California?  Many alumni are emailing us to ask about such events.  Please contact us at

Class of 1996 Reunion!

l-r: Emily Dines, Ethan Pearson-Pomerantz, Anya Ferris Endsly and 1 yr. old Harrison, Kristen Goodrich Moynihan, Georgia Hollister-Isman and Catherine Hopkins

On a beautiful day last fall, a group of members of the (8th grade) class of 1996, a few of their parents, and their class teacher, Catherine Hopkins, (it was her first class) met to reminisce and catch-up on the goings on of class members. We were hosted by Emily Dines at the community hall at Laurel Park in Northampton. Members of the class are scattered all over the country: from Hawaii, to Idaho, California, to Tanzania, with many still in the general northeast area. It only took a few minutes for conversations to piece together various adventures and life changes of class members.

Our numbers include an airline pilot, architect, financial manager, political organizer, lawyer, teachers – including a Farm to School program director, non-profit administrators, a writer, construction company owner, and a soon to be doctor amongst the life work of class members that we heard about. Class members are in their mid-thirties and many have had a career or two before landing where they are. We made a stab at counting up the number of children class members have: about 13 or so is what we counted!

We enjoyed a great potluck, agreed that we need to do these gatherings every once in awhile, and took a picture. To all the other members of the class – you were well remembered and celebrated! We took time to honor a member who is courageously fighting cancer. Love and strength to you! To their class teacher it was a privilege to listen to their stories and to hear their dedication to their life paths.  And remember, Class of 1996, you are always welcome at Hartsbrook! Stay in touch!

Catherine Hopkins, Class Teacher

Hartsbrook Alumni Community (HAC) 

At the Alumni Reception following Graduation in June 2016, Jacqui Ritchie-Dunham ’13 (HS) with Alex Moskovitz ’12 (HS) launched a Hartsbrook Alumni Community (HAC) initiative to establish an active, vibrant Hartsbrook alumni network.  Jacqui created a Facebook group with over 108 initial members.  The purpose of the group is to:

  • Form an online community to support and aid each other as we grow forward in our separate lives
  • Establish networking connections, from job opportunities, career advice and invitations to events to housing requests
  • Reconnect periodically, with the purpose of catching up and reminding us that there are others like us, with a similar upbringing, who care about each other, and
  • Construct a solid base for this community to create something really special for future generations to come.

First steps:  Jacqui is planning a series of alumni/ae profiles on this Facebook group page.

Alumni:  to join this group, contact Facebook at to be approved for joining this “closed” group.  This group is part of a larger initiative coming from Hartsbrook to create an Alumni Relations office, working to establish multiple connections with alumni of all ages to reconnect and also to engage alumni in supporting Hartsbrook.

To submit news and contact information, please visit the Alumni Information Form or send an email to

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