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Annual Fund

Ty McCormick It was my Hartsbrook experience and the tremendous example set by my teachers, moreover, that most heavily informed my decision to chose a career path that allows me to give back. I hope you join me in making a pledge to the annual fund, which allows our community to continue to provide Waldorf education in the Pioneer Valley and in turn fosters adults who will make vital contributions to our ever-changing world. —Ty McCormick, 8th Grade Class of 2002, Associate Editor at Foreign Policy, Washington, DC

The Hartsbrook School’s Annual Fund is the foundation of our yearly fundraising. The Annual Fund supports each year’s operating budget, over 60% of which goes towards faculty and staff pay and compensation. The Annual Fund begins in the late fall and wraps up in early spring. We ask that every family at Hartsbrook support the Annual Fund, in whatever amount they can give. Support of the Annual Fund allows us to provide generous levels of tuition assistance (over $600,000 per year), while maintaining a competitive salary and benefits package for our dedicated faculty and staff.


In the 2011-2012 school year, we achieved 97% participation from our parent body in the Annual Fund and 100% from our core faculty/staff, and Board of Trustees. In the 2012-2013 school year, we achieved 99% participation from our parent body, and 100% participation from our core faculty/staff, and Board of Trustees. These high levels of participation reveal a strong commitment towards The Hartsbrook School.

Our financial goal for 2013-2014 is to raise $100,000, with 100% participation of all parents, Board members, core faculty, and salaried staff. This is a way for each of us to make a gift to each other, to know that we thrive together as a community.

Thank You Extended Community

We are so grateful for the philanthropic contributions from our extended community of grandparents, alumni, alumni parents, family and friends. Your donations acknowledge the value and special qualities of a Hartsbrook education.

Gifts to the Annual Fund

Gifts to the Annual Fund can be made via check, credit card, Paypal and gifts of securities or stock. Payments can be made on a monthly basis. All gifts to the Annual Fund must be received by August 31, prior to the close of each fiscal school year. Download an Annual Fund Brochure. All gifts to the Annual Fund are tax deductible.

To support The Hartsbrook School, please:

Our teachers give their very best for our children, to bring out the very best in our children. Our tuition payments alone don’t cover the cost of having these great teachers, so my annual giving makes up some of the difference. I continue to give so that they can continue to give. —Jim Ritchie Dunham, parent of Jackie ’13 and tenth-grader Conor