The Hartsbrook School

International Student Program


The Hartsbrook School has a diverse community and students from other countries are an integral part of this experience. International students join our community in one of two ways  1) As a fully enrolled International student or  2) as an Exchange student. With either program, our small, supportive community will encourage these students to fully participate in the rich academic and social life of the school, while increasing their English skills and allowing them to make connections that will last a lifetime.

International Student Application

International Students

Full time students study here for a year or longer. These students must submit an International Student application. Students in this program may matriculate from our school providing they fulfill all of the academic requirements necessary. Students live with host families or in an international house which is run independently from the school.

International students are accepted in grades 8 -12. If accepted, the student would be responsible for our current tuition rate plus an International Student fee, a visa fee, all travel expenses, and any expenses associated with additional programs outside of the normal school day, such as sports, clubs, extra English as a Second Language (ESL) classes and host family fees. Upon acceptance, we require proof of international insurance.

Exchange Students

The Hartsbrook School participates in cultural exchange programs through Waldorf schools around the globe. This program is designed to give both our students and international students a unique opportunity to learn about different cultures, make new friends, and be exposed to different languages. Exchanges last approximately 3-4 months and students live with host families. Families pay tuition to their “home” school and a nominal amount for living expenses, and for extracurricular activities while their student is abroad.

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