The Hartsbrook School

Educational Support Program

Our Educational Support Group includes faculty and our Educational Support Coordinator who has experience and training in special and remedial education. The goal of the ESG is to make sure that the educational needs of each child are met and that resources are in place when needed.

Prospective students with a known need for Educational Support are welcome to apply. The Educational Support Coordinator and School Counselor review the application, including current and past school records, evaluation results, and IEPs. This process may include a meeting with parents to determine our ability to serve the child by developing a support plan in partnership with the parents. If we believe that we are able to successfully meet the child’s educational needs, we will invite the student for a visit and schedule a meeting between the Class teacher or Faculty chair, the Educational Support Coordinator and the parents to develop a Student Support Plan. This plan might include additional resources (such as individual academic or therapeutic work), which are not covered in the basic tuition.

Please contact our Enrollment Director at, or our Educational Support Coordinator at, if you have specific questions.

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