The Hartsbrook School

Education Toward Freedom Scholarship

“We meet our students as we are and as they are, right here and right now, finite but incomplete; we enlarge and expand in order to engage their minds and fire their hearts, to provoke their imaginations and our own. We remind ourselves that a teacher’s destination is always the same: that special spot between heaven and earth, that plain but spectacular space where we might once again try to teach toward freedom.”

— William Ayers, Ph.D., Teaching Toward Freedom

Hartsbrook High School offers scholarships to external applicants applying to the 9th grade class, in addition to a scholarship fund for students from our current 8th grade class. These scholarships can cover the amount of the families’ financial need (tuition and fees), as indicated by their FACTS Financial Aid application.

ETFlogoThe Hartsbrook School will commit to these selected students for their full Hartsbrook High School experience, as long as the student continues to fulfill the requirements of the scholarship and the family demonstrates financial need. The goal of this Education Toward Freedom scholarship program is to continue to promote and support diversity in the student body of The Hartsbrook School.

The Scholarship Committee will consider applicants based on the following criteria:

  • Academic, artistic and practical capacities
  • Diversity of interests, engagement and curiosity towards the wider world
  • Leadership potential and social skills
  • Family and student interest in Waldorf Education and Hartsbrook High School
  • Financial Need

How to Apply

1. Apply for admission to Hartsbrook High School, no later than January 15: Download the High School Application Packet.

2. Apply for the Education Toward Freedom Scholarship, no later than January 15: Download the Education Toward Freedom Application Form

A. The scholarship application requires a portfolio that includes at least one example of written work and one example of artistic work.

B. External scholarship applicants must take part in a one-day visit to Hartsbrook High School: to schedule a visit, please contact Leslie Evans, Enrollment Director, at (413) 586-1908,

3. Apply for Financial Aid, no later than February 15: Go to the FACTS Online Financial Aid Application

Please contact Diane LaBarge, Business Manager, with any questions about the FACTS application: (413) 586-1908, ext. 104,

4. Finalists will be invited for an interview with the school’s Scholarship Committee.