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IDEA: the Inclusivity, Diversity, and Equity Ad-hoc Committee

In June 2017, Hartsbrook created IDEA: the Inclusivity, Diversity, and Equity Ad-hoc Committee.  The committee includes members from the Family Association, the Faculty Conference, and the Board (listed below).

Our plan for the 2017-2018 year is:

  • To build a foundation for this work by engaging the broader Hartsbrook community in multiple ways;
  • To define what inclusion, diversity, equity, and related terms mean for this community;
  • To craft a vision of inclusion, diversity, and equity for Hartsbrook’s future;
  • To identify community concerns, questions, experiences, resources, and expertise;
  • To connect individuals and groups in our community working on these issues already;
  • To provide a space for receiving urgent concerns and seeing if matters can be resolved while the committee is still in its ad-hoc phase;
  • To seek resources, mentors, and learning opportunities, as well as to gain a better understanding of constraints, in the wider worlds of Waldorf education, education more generally, and the broader social world; and
  • To enhance institutional structure by forming a standing committee, with approved members and a clear mandate, to carry this work forward.

We are honored to be undertaking this effort at Hartsbrook.  Hartsbrook’s attention to heart and hands as well as head, its emphasis on meeting people of all ages as complex wholes, and its determination to do this work with integrity among students, faculty, staff, families, Board members, and alumni, inspires us as a committee and fuels the capacity for our community to create meaningful, sustainable transformation.

In October 2017, we held a community kick-off event, and we will continue to hold regular community meetings.  Guardians and Parents can find up-to-date information on the Parent Portal including:

  • Our mandate and call to action.
  • Minutes from community meetings and ad-hoc committee meetings.
  • Next meeting date.

 We are exploring ways to expand conversations beyond community meetings, including small group work using a process of collaborative inquiry; one-to-one conversations; and surveys or other anonymous information sharing. We are in the process of building a shared online space for collaborative work and for meetings we provide on-site childcare and remote meeting participation via call-in and/or the internet. As we work all of this out, we would love to have your input.

If you are unable to attend community meetings, or prefer not to, but would still like to be involved, let us know.  If you have experiences you think we should know about, expertise and/or resources for doing this work, or any questions for the IDEA committee, please be in touch with any committee member. (contact information available in the Parent Portal).

Blessings on the work!

IDEA Committee members:
Jacqui DeFelice, member of the Hartsbrook Board of Directors, alumni parent, and former staff member
Chris Shaw, Early Childhood educator and parent
Heather Damon, Eighth grade teacher, Elementary Department Chair, and member of the Faculty Conference
Christene DeJong, Early Childhood parent
Mary Hannah Henderson, Elementary parent

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