The Hartsbrook School

Faculty Conference

The Faculty Conference is responsible for the Hartsbrook School’s pedagogical functions, including the school’s spiritual foundations, program, staffing, work with students and families, and the administration necessary to fulfill these functions. The Faculty Conference is composed of faculty members with a long-term commitment to the school who are prepared to take on additional responsibilities in the life of the school. Policies and decisions regarding personnel, economic and legal matters are often delegated to the Faculty Chair or the Executive Circle.

Current members of the Conference are as follows:

Virginia McWilliam, Co-Steward
Valerie Poplawski, Co-Steward
Jan Baudendistel
Heather Damon
Janine Harrison
Thomas Heineman
Catherine Hopkins
Rachel Kennedy
Cherrie Latuner
Rosemary McNaughton
Elyce Perico
Nicki Robb
Caryn Rozgonyi-Hesse
Jan Kees Saltet
Polly Saltet
Louise Spear
Jessica Stark
Magdalena Toran
Alexander Workman